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Helping Your Troubled Teen: Should You Transfer Your Teen To A Private Boarding School?

Just transferring a teen to a different school should be carefully considered before embarking on that course of action. But when it comes to sending your troubled teen away to a private boarding school for troubled teens, there are some key factors to consider which can help you make the decision to send your teen to a private boarding school.

Review Your Troubled Teen’s Academic Record

Your troubled teen’s academic record can help you make several decisions when it comes to deciding whether or not it will help your troubled teen to be sent to a private boarding school.

As academics tend to suffer in more serious cases of teenage rebellion, if your teen has not reached that point, you should try at-home interventions such as individual therapy, family therapy, stricter rules, and greater communication.

If your teen’s academics have been negatively affected by poor behavior, then you should consider a private boarding school for your teen. Regular public schooling does not always have the resources to help your teen recover academically. Also, boarding schools which are not designed for troubled teens often will not take teens with poor academic records. However, private boarding schools for troubled teens have a great deal of experience working with teens who have let their academics slip, and they have the resources for the teens to recover.

Examine Who Are Your Troubled Teen’s Friends

The quality of a troubled teen’s friends can be a motivating force for some parents to enroll their troubled teen into a private boarding school. Troubled teens do not often act out if they have positive and healthy friendships. Many parents often find that several of the negative behaviors their teens have been displayed started with negatively influential friendships.

Should the majority of your troubled teen’s friends be poor influences on them, then a private boarding school for troubled teens can be a good choice. While there, you teen will:

  1. Learn to develop positive peer relationships

  2. Find appropriate role models

  3. Have the distance necessary to break off bad friendships

Determine If At-Home Changes Are Happening

Most parents will attempt to help their teen change while living with the family at home, rather than immediately sending their troubled teen away to a private boarding school for troubled teens. But it is important to assess whether any changes are taking place or if more serious intervention is required. Some questions parents can ask themselves to gauge improvement or the lack of improvement, are:

  1. Is my teen keeping the family rules more often than before?

  2. Does their therapist feel that my troubled teen is progressing in therapy?

  3. Have they made new friends?

  4. What is their attitude when questioned about activities or responsibilities?

  5. Are my teen’s grades improving?

  6. Do my teen’s teachers and administrators feel that changes are being made?

If these changes are not taking place, it may be time to send your troubled teen to a private boarding school for troubled teens so they can receive the help they need to change.

Sundance Canyon Academy welcomes teen boys to our private boarding school for troubled teen from the ages of 13-17. We have helped hundreds of teenage boys change their lives and are ready to help your family. Contact us for more information on our program to see if it is the right fit for your son.

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