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Finding Resources To Help Your Troubled Teen In Their Home Environment

Finding Resources To Help Your Troubled Teen In Their Home Environment

One of the critical elements to helping a troubled teen is consistency. For many families, this means finding help and resources in ways that can fit into everyday life and existing routines.

It’s important to keep your teen attending school, participating in extracurriculars, functioning in their religious and community commitments, and seeing their healthy and non-problematic friends will be a huge motivation for them. With these considerations in mind, it is still possible to get them serious help without uprooting their environment, and we have a few places to start.

Finding Resources to Help Your Troubled Teen at Home


There are probably more options for therapists and counseling in your local area than you are currently aware of. You can add a therapy session into their existing week plan with relative ease, even if it’s adding one more thing to an already busy life. Seeing a therapist after school or in the an evening or weekend can help them without derailing an entire schedule.

Organizational Support

Reaching out to the organizations of which your troubled teen is part can make a big difference and integrate seamlessly into their existing environment.

For example, speaking with school counselors and teachers can provide additional help for your teen during the hours they are in school. Coordinating expectations and sensitivity from coaches will also allow for your teen to get support and consistency while still participating in their hobbies.

If you’re a part of a church group, you may find sessions with religious leaders or participation in activities to be helpful for your troubled teen.


It may feel a little silly at first, but helping your child practice mindfulness can be an easy way to help them right in your own living room. Do it as a family or help your troubled teen learn to do it on their own.

There are a variety of helpful apps for their smart devices, YouTube tutorials, audio-guided meditations, or even books to read. Mindfulness can help teens assess their feelings and control their minds more carefully. And the best part — it’s free!

Beyond Home

If your troubled teen is in need of more resources than can be offered in a home environment, looking beyond the home is the next step. Removing the teen from the home can be an effective way to treat serious and recurring issues.

Good therapeutic boarding schools will provide all the professional support your troubled teen needs to re-enter the world as a happy and healthy adult — while providing you ample opportunity to communicate effectively during their treatment.

Doing what you can to help your troubled teen in their home environment can spell success when consistency and stability allows for meaningful change. We wish you luck as you begin your journey of healing your troubled teen, and we stand ready to help if you need assistance beyond the walls of your loving home.

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