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Coming Home from Treatment: How to Keep Your Teens on a Positive Path

Coming Home from Treatment How to Keep Your Teens on a Positive Path

Coming home from a therapeutic boarding school can be an exciting, yet frightening experience for teens and their parents. Going from a structured environment to home life isn’t always an easy transition. Not only do teens have to learn how to take what they were taught in treatment and apply it to their home and school life, they have to reconnect with family and friends. It can be overwhelming to say the least, which has the potential to lead some teens back down the same path they came from before treatment.

Luckily, there are ways to keep your teen on a positive path. The following will help you do that, so your teen can continue to succeed outside of the treatment center.

Devise a Plan

Having a plan will help your teen focus. This plan can be as easy as a schedule while at home – similar to the one at the boarding school. It may seem silly to schedule a time to wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready for school, but that is what your teen is used to, so it’s best to keep the routine as much as possible.

Make Goals

Goals are now what your teen is used to from his work at the treatment center. These goals should be easily attained and measurable. Something as simple as not engaging in conversation with a certain friend who is a bad influence can be a goal.

Goals should be visible, so that the teen can be reminded of it. There should also be a way to mark whether the goal has been completed. Rewards can be offered for each time a goal is achieved. It may be best to start with daily goals and then lengthen the time until the reward is given, such as at the end of the week.

Set Up Support

Teens are highly supported at a therapeutic boarding school. It’s a good idea to keep that going with a therapist and/or medical appointments. This is essential for teens who are struggling with addiction, mental illness, or disabilities.

Support isn’t only for a troubled teen, it must be available for the family as well. Family therapy is an effective way to keep the peace within the home, as everyone learns how to live with one another again.

Get More Information

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we aim to not only help troubled teens when they are in our care, but also when they leave. We provide aftercare support, so teens and family can get the help they need after treatment. Contact us today to learn more about we can help now and in the future.

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