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Choosing the right program for my troubled teenager?

That’s a question you could very well be asking yourself at this point. With all the options available to you it can be a bit daunting, especially when the item at hand is your child’s future. When considering which choice is the best for you and your troubled teenager, consider what it is that you are looking for. Look through all the explanations offered for the various services on this website. Select one that you think best suits your child’s situation. Consider what it is that your child is doing that needs correcting. What are your main concerns for your teenager? Taking that into consideration can help you decide on what kind of facility or service you need. The following are suggestions to take into account depending on what your troubled youth’s situation is:

Boot camps:

  1. Your troubled teenager cannot be expelled or removed from the program and can be enrolled without their consent.

  2. Strong security is in place so troubled youth cannot run away once they are enrolled.

  3. This can be seen as more of a short-term solution, or perhaps a gateway solution to help the youth begin to break into other alternative methods of healing and development. Because the youth are there for such a short time, it generally lends to minor corrections that don’t appear to last as long. There is usually no academic program to help them with school either; again, this is a quick program in comparison with some of the other options available.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools:

  1. Youth again can be enrolled without their consent and cannot be expelled.

  2. A security presence is always there to help maintain order and prevent students from running away.

  3. Both group and individual therapy is available to help your troubled youth.

  4. “Co-ed” is not the best option in our opinion

  5. These programs are meant for longer enrollment times but focus on the aspects of personal growth and individualization for the most part.

Outpatient and Day Treatment:

  1. This requires the cooperation of your youth, but if they have a drug or substance abuse problem, and is willing to work in this method, or is more willing to try this solution than the others, this option may be your best choice.

Summer Camps

  1. This option also requires the cooperation of your youth. If your troubled teenager has an honest desire to receive the help that they need, then this is an excellent and less intrusive method of helping them to succeed. There are other methods available, of course, but these are some of the more popular options available. Choosing one will definitely depend on your youth’s situation and desires to seek help. In the end, always keep the hope that progress is possible.

If you need some help with this please fill out the Teen program Assessment

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