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Boys Military Schools and Boot Camps in New Jersey

If your teen is displaying severe behavioral issues such as defiance, depression, mental disorders or substance abuse, he is in danger of disrupting crucial adolescent development. When this happens, many parents look to full-time behavior modification programs like boys military schools and boot camps in New Jersey to provide their sons with the intensive environment they cannot provide at home.

However, these places may not be the best for your teenage son. Instead, consider a residential treatment center, which blends academics, therapy and life skills into a successful program with long-term results.

Call us with any questions about residential treatment centers like Sundance Canyon Academy (1-866-678-2425).

Why Sundance Academy?

Sundance Canyon Academy is a viable alternative for teens who are not doing well in traditional schools due to behavioral, mental, or emotional health issues. When teens are struggling with these challenges, boys military schools and boot camps in New Jersey are not the right answer. Sundance Canyon Academy has dedicated staff members who are there to help teens heal, build their self-esteem, teach them new life skills and help them grow from adolescence to young men. Safe and structured, Sundance Canyon Academy builds boys up, not tears them down like a boys military school or boot camp in New Jersey.

Another advantage of Sundance Canyon Academy is that it is located in Utah. While this may seem too far away for New Jersey parents to consider sending their sons, it’s actually a real benefit. Utah has some of the strictest regulations and laws governing the teen help industry, so our standards are exceeding some of the toughest and highest in the nation. This can give you peace of mind, knowing that your son is enrolled in one of the top therapy programs in the country.

Benefits of Residential Treatment Centers Over Military Schools and Boot Camps in New Jersey

Teenagers whose behavior goes beyond typical teen rebellion can mean that they need professional therapeutic help. When other people see New Jersey teens being disrespectful, manipulative or outright rebellious, they frequently suggest military schools and boot camps as the answer. However, military schools don’t have a therapeutic element to their programs, so that the teens don’t really experience healing and rehabilitation. At a residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school, the program is designed to get to the root of each teen’s problems.

If you are the parent of a troubled teen boy, don’t make the mistake of sending him to a boys military schools and boot camps in New Jersey. There are many options throughout the country that may actually be a better fit.

Some of the advantages of placing your teen in a residential treatment center program a little further from home include:

  1. A completely different environment where teens can be free of the burden of previous triggers, temptations and stigmas. New surroundings allow them to build confidence by starting over with a clean slate.

  2. Parents and teens can get some much needed time apart overseen by professionals that can help them make the most of the temporary distance. Each party is able to focus on their individual challenges, while gaining the tools they need to improve their relationship.

  3. Full time treatment programs allow parents some respite from the constant worry and negative communication cycle with their teen. While they regroup, their son is safe and secure in a facility designed to help him improve his life.

  4. Licensed therapists provide individual and group therapy sessions to get to the root of emotional, behavioral and mental health issues.

  5. Qualified teachers give lessons in smaller sized classes so teens get focused help and taught according to their own unique learning needs.

Residential treatment centers are designed to provide structure and support, plus therapeutic and academic help, to teen boys who struggle with challenging issues. Most centers include high impact recreational therapy and extracurricular activities beyond the academic and therapeutic help. Dedicated staff members help teen boys focus on changing negative behaviors, make proper choices, graduate with a high school diploma and become leaders who can contribute to their families and to society as a whole.

Issues Teens Face Without Help From Residential Treatment Centers

You are working hard to find the right program for your teenage son, but for those teens who don’t get professional help, it can be much more difficult for them. Some of the more common issues that teen boys struggle with include anger, violence, low self-confidence, aggression, substance abuse, promiscuity, depression, manipulative behavior more. To manage their own pain and frustration, troubled teens in New Jersey often engage in risky behavior that can be dangerous to themselves or others.

Look over these statistics on troubled New Jersey teens and risky behavior:

  1. Alcohol use: 15% of New Jersey teens abuse alcohol

  2. Drug use: Marijuana use by New Jersey teens is 39% while illicit drug use is 4%

  3. Juvenile arrests: In 2018, New Jersey reported 56 teen arrests for aggravated assault, 46 teen arrests for robbery, 229 teen arrests for larceny, 349 teen arrests for drug abuse and 59 teen arrests for weapons violations.

  4. Suicide: New Jersey ranked 50th in the nation for teen suicides

  5. Graduation rate: Only 89% of New Jersey teens graduate from high school

It would be heartbreaking for your son to be included among these numbers, so it’s important that you intervene and make the difficult decision to get professional help in the form of a residential therapy program. If your son is exhibiting the kinds of behaviors that can get him in trouble at home, school or with the law, or that may cause him harm, you have no time to lose. Sundance Canyon Academy is eager to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about your teenage son.

Choose Sundance Canyon Academy Over Boys Military School and Boot Camps in New Jersey

Sundance Canyon Academy is a full time residential treatment center in Utah with 20 years of experience in helping hundreds of families with troubled teen boys. Many parents believe that we are more effective program for troubled teens than the boys military schools and boot camps in New Jersey. Our well-regulated and supportive environment is unique in many ways. We have designed a relationship based therapy method that allows students to determine and target their core issues in order to fully heal from the inside out. Most programs employ behavior modification therapy, which only deals with the symptoms.

We know how anxious you are for your son and how much you want to see him go from struggling and angry to successful and self-confident. At Sundance Canyon Academy, he can recognize his potential and turn his life in a positive direction with our experienced staff members. While we understand that you may still want to consider boys military schools and boot camps in New Jersey, we encourage you to remember that finding a safe program that is a good fit for your son is ultimately more important than geography.

For a consultation or more information about our program, please contact us today at Sundance Canyon Academy (866) 640-1899.

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