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Boys Military Schools and Boot Camps in Indiana

Parenting a troubled teen can result in a lot of frustration and chaos within the family unit. Behavioral issues including defiance, depression, substance abuse or mental disorders can leave you wondering where to turn. In such situations, full time facilities are a valuable resource for troubled teens that need a more therapeutically intensive environment in which to heal. While you have likely begun your research with boys military schools and boot camps in Indiana, we urge you to explore the many options available to you throughout the country. Some of the benefits of placing your teen in a program further from home include:

  1. Troubled teens thrive more when they have the opportunity to start over with a clean slate in an entirely new environment. They can be free of the triggers and temptations they associate with home while they work on positive changes.

  2. Parents and teens can get some distance from each other while they individually work on gaining the skills they need to communicate more effectively and repair their relationship.

  3. Full time programs offer respite for exhausted parents that need a break from the negative cycles of power struggles and ineffective discipline. While they recover, their son is monitored and coached in surroundings designed to help him recognize his potential and make a change for the better.

  4. Each state has their own regulations governing teen help programs, which means that the standards at each school are subject to location. Right now, Utah has the most comprehensive laws in the nation and is popular among parents of troubled teens.

Sundance Canyon Academy Can Help You

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. We have developed a supportive and caring environment where teens with behavioral issues can heal through a unique relationship based therapy system. Unlike boys military schools and boot camps in Indiana, we do not employ behavior modification therapy techniques in our program. Instead, we have designed a unique, strength based approach that engages each teen individually through a wide variety of therapy modalities. We believe that changes only last when you fix the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms. When combined with our accredited academic program, recreational activities and life skills opportunities, we are able to offer each student an experience that is individualized for his needs and goals.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Here To Support You

We know that raising a troubled teen has been painful and frustrating and we want to help you navigate the process of choosing the best program. We are confident that your son can learn to fix or manage his issues and become the successful, healthy young man you know he is. While we recognize that you would prefer to choose one of the boys military schools and boot camps in Indiana in order to keep your teen close to home, we want to remind you that experience and safety are a higher priority than location.

For more information on our program, please contact us today at Sundance Canyon Academy (866) 640-1899. We look forward to helping you start your family on a better path.

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