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7 Tips to Help Your Teen Understand Their Emotional Health

The teen years are an emotional roller coaster. As kids start going through puberty, their hormones kick in, and their mindset changes. Their emotions become a little more intense than they used to be, and social standing suddenly matters a lot more.

On top of that, teens feel a stronger need for independence. When they were little, and something upset them, they would likely run to you for help. Now, it might feel like pulling teeth to get them to talk to you about how they’re doing. It’s not that teens don’t need help solving their problems anymore. They want to be more independent and don’t feel comfortable running to their parents for help anymore.

Still, teens desperately need to learn how to manage their emotions, but they don’t want to ask for help. Here are some tips to help your teen understand their emotional health, even when they don’t open up like they used to.