Therapy vs Behavior Modification for Teenage Boys

If your teenage son is dealing with tough behavioral and emotional issues and you are at your wits’ end, you might be thinking about different treatment options to help him. The two most popular treatment options today are behavior modification and therapy. Today we’ll take a closer look at the two to help you understand Read more..

How Fear Tactics Impact A Teen Into Their Adult Years

Scare tactics have their place in teaching values. Those strategies are limited, but when you implement a healthy dose of worry in your child it will show them that they have to take care when going through life. For instance, if you are trying to teach your child to put on their seat belt every Read more..

How To Check A Boys Ranch’s Credentials For Your Teen In Need Of Therapeutic Intervention

Ranches for troubled boys offer a range of services including psychological counseling for addiction, behavioral or emotional problems, drug and alcohol treatment as well as imparting important life skills to those enrolled. They provide a safe and structured environment for boys to work on and get over their various issues. Help Your Teen Now works Read more..

Talking About Suicide With Someone You’re Concerned About

The causes behind suicide contagion (also called copycat suicide) aren’t well understood. The lack of understanding makes some people hesitant to discuss suicide at all, as they are worried it may trigger suicidal thoughts in the person they are concerned about. However, talking about suicide with someone who is struggling with self-harm or suicidal thoughts Read more..

Helping Your Teen Identify Negative Relationships

In 2015 a shocking study was published in Jama Pediatrics. It found than one in five teenage girls had been the victim of dating violence…20%! It doesn’t stop there, as 10% of boys asked said that they had been physically or sexually abused by a partner themselves. Clearly we have a big problem. Teen dating Read more..

5 Gems Of Wisdom From Parenting Forums

No one really warns you about the trials, tribulations and strangeness of being a parent. You prepare as well as you can, discussing vaccination schedules, the best schools, when to start on solid foods. There are so many choices to make. But what about those moments that you never considered, when something unexpected, unknown or Read more..

Eliminate Your Teens Constant Media Distraction

We have all had the conversation. Your teen is sitting on the couch with their phone in their hand. You are trying to ask them about anything interesting happening in their day, or what they did at school. Their answers are brief and barely comprehensible. They never even take their eyes away from their screen Read more..

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens

You’ve likely heard of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey, but maybe you aren’t ready to commit to reading another book that promises high but fails to deliver. So to save you some time, we’ve done the legwork for you and have compiled a list of the 7 habits Read more..

Pulling Your Child Out of Toxic Environments To See Progress

It can be incredibly hard for anyone to make progress when trapped in a negative environment. When we are in a toxic place, our work, motivation, and health all start to slide. The same holds true for troubled teenagers. Potentially Negative Environments There are various pitfalls associated with the different environments your teen may find Read more..

Parents Helping Teens To Disassociate Self Harming Behaviors

Self-harm behavior is a serious issue that afflicts many teenagers. According to HealthyPlace, nearly 90 percent of those who self harm begin during their teenage or adolescent years, and approximately 2 million cases are reported each year in the US. It is likely that the rate of occurrence is actually much higher because many cases Read more..