• Tough Love Treatments for Behavioral Problems

    Tough Love Treatments for Behavioral Problems

    Teenagers face a multitude of hormonal changes, emotional difficulties, and growth from 12-18. Sometimes they don’t know what to do with these struggles and turn to troubling behavior. Managing their emotions with drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous behavior is common in the teen years. If left unaddressed, it can carry over into adulthood and have lasting […]Read More »
  • Making The Decision To Place Your Teen In A Trusted Therapeutic Boarding School

    Making The Decision To Place Your Teen In A Trusted Therapeutic Boarding School

    The decision to place your troubled teenager in a therapeutic boarding school is not a single snap decision. It’s been years in the making. From the first time you laid down the law of a new rule and consequence, to realizing the issues might be serious, to finally acknowledging that you’ve done all you can […]Read More »
  • Great Resources When Searching Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Your Teen

    Great Resources When Searching Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Your Teen

    If you are the parent of a disturbed or troubled teenager, then you are already aware of the obstacles you face on a daily basis when it comes to your parenting job. For teenagers struggling with major problems, it’s critical for parents to get the treatment they require right away. Therapeutic boarding schools may be […]Read More »
  • A Mother’s Conviction To Give Her Boy A Chance At Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah

    The CDC reports that 4% of teens ages 12-17 receive unmedicated treatment for serious emotional or behavioral difficulty. Parents especially struggle with their young men as young boys are more likely to attend treatment schools for treatment. Mother’s often agonize over the decision to place their troubled teen into therapeutic treatment programs. It is heartbreaking […]Read More »
  • In A Visual World How Can You Protect Your Boy From Dangers Lurking In Their Pocket

    What an incredible blessing and opportunity it is to have the entire world at our fingertips and in our pockets at any given moment. We can search for answers to urgent questions, learn more about something that interests us, connect with those we love, and access unlimited resources from around the globe. If our great-great-grandparents […]Read More »
  • Navigating Divorce With Teens In The Home

    Divorce is one of the most traumatic and stressful events a person can undergo in their lifetime, and we’re not just talking about the two individuals involved in the divorce. Divorce affects a wide circle of people involved and around the former marriage – but probably none more so than the children of the divorcing […]Read More »
  • Final Straw Moments that Call for Troubled Boys’ Boarding Schools

    Parents struggle to decide whether a boarding school is right for their child. They need to evaluate if their child’s behavior has moved beyond “normal” and if it now requires a structured, full-time, professional approach. They will also need to investigate exactly how a boarding school can help their son. These challenges intimidate many concerned […]Read More »
  • Behavioral Issues Can Be Improved Through A Therapeutic Boarding School For Troubled Teens

    You have given it your all, yet still your teen son refuses to cooperate. In fact, his behavior has seemed to escalate not only from bad to worse but to a truly dangerous level. It might be time to send him to a therapeutic boarding school. Even though you know it’s the best solution for […]Read More »
  • Schools for Troubled Teen Boys

    Many parents feel that a little rebellion is expected in teenage boys and try to manage their worry as the teens explore their independence. However, when their behavior is more like a destructive cycle that threatens their health and wellness, parents look to professional to help them manage their sons. That’s where schools for troubled […]Read More »
  • Effective Ways Parents Can Learn To Reconnect With Their Teens

    Remember as teenagers we felt as if our own parents didn’t understand, and we swore we’d be ‘cool’ as parents? The only problem is that now we are the parents, and we still feel disconnected from our teenagers. So, it seems, the pattern of teens pulling away from the parents does indeed repeat generation after […]Read More »
  • Navigating Teenage Boys Who’ve Suddenly Become Distant, Rude, and Uninterested

    Hormones can change teenage boy overnight. Frustrations brew inside, and the feelings are just too strong to contain. Those feelings lead to outbursts, which are confronted by disdain from adults. The disappointment leads to more frustration that then lead to hostility and negative behaviors. Adolescence has never been an easy stage to go through. With […]Read More »
  • Taking Care Of Your Mental Health So You Can Take Care Of Your Teen

    Personal emotional health has to do with feeling happy, self-confident and aware of what makes us who we are in this life. When people have good emotional health, they are better able to handle life’s challenges; they are resilient. Emotional health isn’t something that simply takes care of itself. Just like we have to eat […]Read More »
  • Are You Unknowingly Participating In Competitive Parenting?

    It’s not an official event, of course, but that doesn’t make it any less real. Competitive parenting has likely been around as long as parenting itself, though it seems that this generation is facing it in new and pervasive levels. Parents must constantly resist the urge to compare their parenting (and their children) to other […]Read More »
  • Teens Can Learn to Respect Authority in a Residential Treatment Program

    As they pass through the development phase we call “teen,” it seems that the part of their brains that understand and communicate respect disappear. One day your child is happily doing what you ask of them, then suddenly they’re challenging every request, every statement, everything! If you have a particularly troublesome teen you may also […]Read More »
  • How To Focus On Your Family By Putting Down Your Phone

    How often are you nagging your teen to “put the stupid phone away” or “stop playing so many video games!” or “can’t you limit your screen time?”? For most parents, it’s quite often. It can be a daily or even hourly struggle. Teens are using technology more than ever before and the amount of screen […]Read More »
  • Parents Can Help Troubled Teens By Giving Them Space to Find Direction

    Control is the biggest challenge for teens and parents. Teens are growing up faster these days, and they believe they are equal to adults. With that equality, they believe they have control. As parents, we believe we have control, so we try to hold onto or steel the power back. It’s like a tug-o-war with […]Read More »
  • Coming Home from Treatment: How to Keep Your Teens on a Positive Path

    Coming home from a therapeutic boarding school can be an exciting, yet frightening experience for teens and their parents. Going from a structured environment to home life isn’t always an easy transition. Not only do teens have to learn how to take what they were taught in treatment and apply it to their home and […]Read More »
  • The Parent’s Guide to Raising the Perfect Child

    SURPRISE! It doesn’t exist. But you should keep reading, because the tips and ideas we’ve compiled to share with you are almost as good as a parent’s guide for raising the perfect child. We promise. We know how hopeless you can feel as a parent. We know how lost, confused, and even scared you may […]Read More »
  • Helping Teens Strengthen Friendships Within Their Peer Groups

    If you ask any teen to rank the things that are important to them, we’re willing to bet that their friends rank in their top three. Friendships are critical for teenagers, and often figure largely in their daily life. Friendship can mold personalities, interests, and habits. As a parent of teens you may already be […]Read More »
  • Parenting When Your Teens are Angry, Distant, and Defiant

    Is there a worse curse than an angry, distant, or defiant teenager? The parents of angry, distant, defiant teenagers would tell you that there isn’t. Parenting teenagers is hard enough. Their moods constantly change, their personality is still forming and testing the water, and everything is new and very serious. And that’s the case even […]Read More »