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You Need A School That Fixes Bad Behavior, Not “Bad Kids”

Parents who have teens that are consistently acting out, won’t follow the rules, are engaging in delinquent behavior, running away from home, and other poor behaviors can feel impossible to raise. Some of these parents start searching for schools for “bad kids” as their children are expelled or in danger of being expelled.

In reality, there are no bad kids, just kids in desperate need of help. And at a boarding school for troubled teens, struggling kids can find the therapeutic help they need to break free of bad habits.

Kids Aren’t Inherently Bad

As the parent trying to raise a teen that is acting out, it can be hard to think of your teenager as something other than a bad kid. But if you think about it, you may find what began to trigger your teen’s descent into bad behavior.

For instance, say your family moved states after your teen’s freshman year of high school. Suddenly, all the people your teen went to school with, spent time with after school and on weekends, were so far away that they might as well not exist anymore. So, your teen tries to make new friends, but they struggle, as many of the other children hammered out friends and social hierarchy years ago.

This structure can leave your teen on the outside, looking among other teens on the fringe for friendship. To reduce their feelings of isolation, loneliness, and embarrassment at having no friends, your teen may do things that you never would have believed they would have.

As you can see, this spiral is just one of the ways your teen could have become caught up in dysfunctional behaviors. Unfortunately, just knowing what went wrong isn’t enough. Your teen will need further help in the form of immersive therapy.