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Why Therapeutic Boarding Schools Are The Safest Environment For Your Child

Many troubled teens struggle with safety—sometimes, they are a danger to others or themselves. With the heightened concerns with coronavirus, there is also the danger that a troubled teen will leave the house, become an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19, and pass it to more vulnerable family members.

Here at Sundance Canyon Academy, we have worked with many concerned parents of struggling teenagers. Thanks to how our therapeutic program is designed, attending a therapeutic boarding school can be the safest environment for your teen to be in.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Are Closed Campuses

Rather than being a public facility, therapeutic boarding schools are closed campuses. That means, no one who is not an attending student, staff, or pre-authorized guest—generally only parents and siblings of attending students—are going to enter our campus.

This sharp drop-off in availability makes boarding schools for troubled teens far more secure and safe than your average campus. Also, as students live on the campus—and will only leave with supervising staff—the teens receive far more oversight than can be ever expected with teens attending regular public school.

Teens Receive Customized Care

Residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are successful in helping struggling teens in part because teens are given individualized care. It may seem obvious to an adult that teenagers are individuals and require tailored care plans, but many interventions offered by public resources are relatively one-size-fits-all. Also, the punitive tone that some of these interventions have is often counter-productive to a teen’s growth.

Instead, when a teen is enrolled in Sundance Canyon Academy, our staff develops an individual care plan to address their specific needs. Everyone, from the teen’s therapist to teachers work together to meet attending teens’ specific needs, resulting in more effective interventions. In part, this kind of personalized care is possible due to the limited admission Sundance sticks to so that students can receive high-quality care.

Highly-Trained Staff Work With Teens

In Utah, there are strict laws and guidelines that set high standards for therapeutic boarding schools, from staffing requirements to the kind of facilities teenagers interact with regularly. With these standards to meet for licensure, your teen will have highly-skilled staff, providing them with direct care.

Sundance looks not to just meet these standards, but exceed them in quality care. The direct care staff ratio to students ensures that teens have constant positive supervision, and experienced and licensed teachers and therapists are chosen carefully to mentor and work with our attending teenagers.

Therapeutic School Model Focuses On Holistic Healing

By the time a teen is sent to a therapeutic boarding school, their issues have often become complicated and have compounded in severity. That’s why addressing only one or two issues—such as failing grades and aggression—is just scratching the surface and often leads to pushback from the teen.

At a therapeutic boarding school, teens are immersed in holistic healing. Instead of focusing on the outward symptoms of a teen’s problems, in therapeutic environments, attending students are given the tools to help address why they are struggling, rather than being disciplined with no way to correct the root issues. That’s why schools like Sundance combine regular therapy with life skills building, schooling, and positive relationship building as part of our program building blocks.

Sundance Canyon Academy Provides Teens With Quality Care

Not all therapeutic boarding schools are the same, especially in different states. However, here at Sundance Canyon Academy, we work carefully with a select group of staff to help struggling teenage boys get back on the right track.

If you are interested in learning more about our therapeutic program, and if it is a good fit for your teenage son, feel free to contact us. We are happy to talk to parents and guardians and help you determine if we can help your family come together and heal.

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