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​Which Kinds of Issues Are Addressed in Schools for Troubled Teens?

It is devastating to have a child with severe emotional or behavioral issues. Mental illness, personality disorders, substance abuse…it is draining on a level that is difficult to describe to people who have not faced it themselves. Parents feel useless like they have done badly by their children and worry that nothing will ever fix it.

If this sounds like you, chances are you have tried everything possible to help your teen. Therapy, group sessions, punishments, rewards, medication, begging, yet nothing seems to work. You are running out of options and know something more drastic may be in order.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Residential Treatment Centers

The problem isn’t that you haven’t tried to help your child enough. It is that they weren’t customized treatments to deal with their unique needs. Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers are both options that can rectify this.

Both operate as part in-patient program, part academic rehabilitation. Each student is given one on one attention with a curriculum and treatment plan that is made to fit their specific circumstances, no matter what they are.

Some of the issues treated by these schools for troubled teens include:

  1. Mental illness

  2. Personality disorders

  3. Depression

  4. Suicidal ideation and self harm

  5. Promiscuity and high risk sexual behaviors

  6. Drug addiction

  7. Anger and rage triggers

  8. Trauma

  9. Some criminal behaviors

When these problems are plaguing your child they require more than just regular therapy. They need a full time treatment plan, long term, that addresses them on a more thorough level, in a stable environment where your teen can feel safe..

On the academic side, these programs provide tutors, teachers, and administrators who can work with your child to improve their grades and catch up, regardless of how far behind they have fallen.

Sundance Canyon Academy

Sundance Canyon Academy is an all boys school for teenagers ages 13 – 17 years. It provides all of the above, giving your teen the best chance at battling their demons while investing in their future. Not only do they provide academic advising and therapy, they also teach life skills that will be critical as they move forward and go to college, get careers and build relationships.

They have extracurricular activities to help your son find his passion and learn new hobbies, including sports, art and more. There is also a culinary arts program, a popular option that has application both in daily life and as a potential career later on.

Find out more at Sundance Canyon Academy.

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