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What To Expect From Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens


Severe behavioral issues in teens can cause a number of disruptions in emotional development and ability to create and maintain healthy relationships. If your teen is struggling and not responding to your efforts to help, you may need to consider a full time solution like a therapeutic boarding school. While it feels like an extreme measure, an intensive, supportive program might be what your son needs in order to gain the skills necessary to turn his life around.

What Is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

Therapeutic boarding schools are facilities created to care for troubled teens with behavioral issues that their parents can no longer control at home. One of the benefits of such programs is that teens are removed from the triggers, temptations and negative social groups that impede positive progress. Through a combination of academics, therapy, recreational activities and life skills experiences, boys are immersed in an environment designed to help them identify and target the root of their issues while gaining positive skills and healthy self-esteem. Each teen receives an in-depth assessment upon arrival in order for the therapist to develop a plan of care that caters to his unique combination of challenges. He will set goals and be guided toward reaching them through methods that are designed to help him in the long term.