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What Makes A Therapeutic Boarding School In Utah State Incredible

You are narrowing down your choices as you research a facility for your child but are trying to decide between several states, including various therapeutic boarding schools. Before you sign on the dotted line, consider the following reasons why you might want to send your child to Utah.

Advice from the Federal Government

The Federal Trade Commission includes information on their website about therapeutic boarding schools and how they can benefit teens. Programs include some of the following services:

  1. • Confidence boosting

  2. • Anger control counseling

  3. • Substance abuse treatment along with other addictions

  4. • Strict discipline and

  5. • Counseling to address behavioral and emotional problems.

A therapeutic boarding school might also go by other names, such as an emotional growth academy or behavior modification program. However, these are somewhat different than wilderness therapy programs or teen boot camps that emphasize discipline and hard work almost exclusively as the way to overcome behavioral issues. On the other hand, therapeutic boarding schools set in Utah and across the nation provide programs that include therapy, behavioral counseling, personal counseling and other programs that are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each teen who attends.


Advantages to Utah Therapeutic Boarding Schools

  1. Troubled teens can benefit from therapeutic treatment in a safe environment with the Utah mountains as a beautiful backdrop. They will have all of the resources that they need at their fingertips. No matter the issues, from addictions to abuse to behavioral problems, your child will be in the care of trained professionals who understand adolescents and have the experience to handle their problems.

  2. Your son will be housed in a dorm with other boys and a house parent. He will learn how to pitch in with the rest of his new “family,” take care of chores and be responsible for meal preparation and general care of the home. This helps teach him communication skills, conflict resolution, anger management and positive interaction with peers and adults.

  3. School is an integral part of a therapeutic boarding school that helps troubled teens. Your teen will achieve his scholastic endeavors and work towards academic success so that he begins to appreciate the value of learning.

  4. In addition to schooling, he will benefit from the learning basic practical skills, especially those that interest him. As he improves in these areas, he will learn how to overcome obstacles and gain self-confidence with each step of success.

  5. Your son will eat healthy meals, which can help manage his personal issues and improve his overall health.

  6. Your son will learn how to give back to the community and help others. This teaches him empathy as spends time with others who likely cannot repay him.

  7. During free time, your son will engage in recreation that promotes teamwork in a more relaxed context.

  8. Your son will learn how to transition back to your home and prepare for the future.

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