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What Is Different At Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys?

Raising a teen with behavioral issues can be one of the most challenging experiences for a parent. If you have made every effort to help your son turn his life around with little or no results, it may be time to consider a more intensive solution. Therapeutic boarding schools and other full time facilities can help boys with issues like depression, anxiety, defiance, substance abuse or mental disorders learn how to heal or manage their challenges in a healthy way. Such programs remove troubled teens from their regular environment and the triggers and temptations they deal with on a daily basis and place them in supportive surroundings designed to help them gain the skills they need to make better choices and become happier individuals.

What Happens at Therapeutic Boarding Schools?

Therapeutic schools offer round the clock monitoring and coaching for struggling teen boys and girls that have not shown significant improvement at home. Although each facility will have their own unique program, most offer some combination of academics, life skills experiences and a variety of therapy modalities. Troubled teens are taught to manage the permanent aspects of their condition, cope with day to day challenges and learn how to communicate more effectively with peers and authority figures. Academic programs allow them to keep up with their class at home, or catch up in areas they have fallen behind, while therapy opportunities help each boy explore the root of his bad behavior and learn how to correct it.

How Does My Family Benefit?

The idea of sending your child away for treatment is intimidating to many parents. However, some teens are too distracted in their home environment to make the changes they need for a positive future. Therapeutic boarding schools offer an immersive environment where troubled teens can be more receptive to discovering their strengths and learning how to manage their weaknesses. The right program can be life changing, for you and your son. Take the time to thoroughly research potential schools for proper accreditation, licensing, experience and safety standards. Don’t be afraid to look a little further afield for a program that is a good fit for your son and also gives you peace of mind.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in Utah. We specialize in helping troubled teen boys overcome their issues through a unique relationship based program. Unlike behavior modification programs, we encourage boys to take care of their core of their challenges, rather than simply treating the symptoms. For more information, please contact us today at 1-866-678-2425.

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