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Utah Therapeutic Boarding Schools Offer Great Recreational Therapy

When you send your child to a therapeutic boarding school, you hope that he will receive lots of therapy. After all, that’s what the school is called, so you expect that it will live up to its name. But you might not realize the different kinds of therapy that are available for your teen at a Utah boarding school.

Various Therapies to Help Your Child

Your child will benefit from several kinds of therapy that can help your struggling teen, including private, group, family and experiential therapy. Each one helps your son in unique ways so that he addresses the issues that brought him to our facility and matures in the process.

Private therapy includes at least 90 minutes of counseling per week, which might be broken up over several sessions or completed at the same time. During group therapy, boys are divided according to their specific needs. They gather in groups that discuss the challenges they face, including:

  1. Grief

  2. Self-esteem

  3. Abandonment

  4. Abuse

  5. Addiction