Troubled Teens At Sundance Canyon Academy

When parents of troubled teenagers realize that their child needs more help than they can provide, many seek out residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools as viable options. More often than not, these facilities can help troubled teens regain their focus on life and overcome their challenges.

When parents are looking at appropriate facilities for their troubled teen boys who are ages 13 to 17, Sundance Canyon Academy should top the list. With innovative and effective treatment methods, this teen help facility can work with teens of all backgrounds and challenges.

What Kinds of Teens Does Sundance Canyon Academy Work With?

Residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are generally able to treat a range of emotional, behavioral and mental illness issues in teenagers. Some facilities may specialize in several more common conditions as well. Sundance Canyon Academy most often treats teens who struggle with the following issues:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance abuse
  • Executive functioning
  • Trauma
  • Social and self-esteem issues
  • Academic or developmental difficulties

Of course, Sundance Canyon Academy welcomes and respects teens with any number of issues and parents can connect with the school to ensure that their troubled teen’s particular issues are a good match. At Sundance Canyon Academy, all troubled teens are welcomed and treated with respect.

Sundance Canyon Academy Treatment Program

Troubled teen boys need several things in order to transform from their current negative life and choices to a life filled with promise and healthy relationships. Sundance Canyon Academy focuses on  5 components in the treatment process.

  1. Therapy. Boys who attend Sundance Canyon Academy will receive all types of effective therapy treatment, such as individual, group, and family. Licensed and experienced professionals provide the customized treatment plan that each boy needs to become well again.
  2. Life Skills. At Sundance Canyon academy, the boys receive training in a number of life skills designed to help them transition to the life of an independent adult. Examples of life skills classes include cooking, cleaning, hygiene and nutrition.
  3. Education. By the time troubled teens arrive at Sundance Canyon Academy, most have experienced problems at school. Part of the comprehensive treatment includes a focus on academics and getting the boys up to where they need to be via teachers and tutors.
  4. Service. When troubled teen boys learn that there are others who are in greater need, they put their own troubles into perspective. Service projects are a key part of teaching boys that they are members of a community that can benefit from their talents and skills.
  5. Health and Wellness. From personal nutrition to fun recreational activities, boys at Sundance Canyon Academy learn that taking care of the mind and the body is an important part of a good life. From camping and hiking to boating and skiing, recreation plays a big role in treatment.

Troubled Teens at Sundance Canyon Academy

As a licensed residential treatment center, Sundance Canyon Academy uses effective, specialized treatments to change the lives of young men ages 13 to 17 who need professional assistance. The individualized approach to treatment ensure that each boy’s issues are identified and addressed.

Not only does Sundance Canyon Academy treat existing issues, but also provides teen boys with the tools, experiences and skills they need to transition into a successful life as an adult.