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​Troubled Teen Parenting Tips: Try Touring A Therapeutic Boarding School

It is five AM and you have been awake for more than an hour. You woke up in a cold sweat, thinking about the latest in a long line of disasters involving your teens behavior and now you can’t go back to sleep. Every nerve is on edge and there is a gnawing pit in your stomach. What are you going to do? Nothing seems to work: punishments, rewards, therapy, begging.

This is a common scenario for many desperate parents with troubled teenagers at home. It might feel like you have tried everything in your power to help them but no method is successful. They just keep acting out.

You may want to consider touring a therapeutic boarding school.

What Is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

A therapeutic boarding school is an accredited institution that focuses on a mixture of intensive inpatient style therapy and academic tutoring.

Studies have found that academic related stress can have a negative impact on any student. Add in behavioral problems already present due to mental or emotional based conditions, trauma, abuse histories and other sources and you have an especially potent cocktail of dysfunction that can make it difficult for your teen to be successful in their goals.

In a therapeutic boarding school there is a 50/50 emphasis between the therapy side and the instructional side. This helps patients to catch up and improve in school and so alleviates one major cause for that stress while helping them prepare for the future.

On the therapeutic side these schools have full time professional staff trained to handle all potential issues that may arise. Those include psychiatrists, therapists, nursing staff and administrators.

Where Are These Schools Located?

Only some states have therapeutic boarding schools as they have to be held in regions where teenagers don’t have the option of checking themselves out of inpatient programs. This minimizes the risk of runaways in a population more prone to the behavior.

Utah is one such state where these schools are commonly located.

Try Touring a Therapeutic Boarding School

If your teen has been out of control for too long and nothing seems to help, it may be time to consider a more permanent solution. Therapeutic boarding schools are a year round option that allows patients to get the individualized attention they need, not only in therapy but also as students.

Find more more by contacting Sundance Canyon Academy today.

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