Treatment Methods For Troubled Teen Boys At Sundance Canyon Academy


Parents who have made the decision to send their troubled teen sons to a residential treatment center or therapeutic boarding school have many worries. One particularly big worry is how their son will be treated while living at the teen help facility. They often wonder whether the treatments will be effective, and whether their teen son will even respond to it.

The good news is that treatment methods for troubled boys at Sundance Canyon Academy have proven to be effective for hundreds of boys.

Sundance Canyon Academy Treatment Philosophy

At Sundance Canyon Academy, troubled teen boys undergo a range of therapeutic treatments designed to help them put their own self-centered needs aside and work on making positive changes in their lives. Because of the safe and structured environment at Sundance Canyon Academy, teen boys are quite responsive to the different types of therapy at the facility.

Of course, all treatments are set up and managed by trained staff members who are licensed and experienced in helping teenagers with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. The treatments at Sundance Canyon Academy are designed to build the boys up and give them the skills they need to be strong and independent, not to tear them down and force them to submit. The Academy’s strength-based approach to therapy is very successful in reshaping how the teenage boys approach themselves, their relationships and life in general.

Types of Therapy and Treatments

At Sundance Canyon Academy, there are several types of therapy that troubled teen boys must get involved in. Individual, group, family, talk, experiential and recreational therapy are all key types of treatment that transform troubled boys to strong young men.


Individual therapy is just between a troubled teen boy and a licensed counselor, where some of the most introspective and personal therapy takes place. At Sundance Academy, every student participates in at least 90 minutes of individual therapy every week. It’s an excellent method for boys to begin the deep healing process they need to overcome their challenges, whatever they may be.

Group Therapy

Group therapy involves several troubled teen boys and an experienced therapist who leads the discussions. At Sundance Canyon Academy, group therapy occurs every day and it’s a good time for teen boys to hear the challenges and successes of other teens, plus they receive the support form their beers in facing their own issues. It’s an excellent way for them to develop healthy relationships and lend their support to others.


Whether in person, via phone or the internet, family members are an important part of family therapy at Sundance Canyon Academy. Teen boys “meet” with family members as well as an experienced therapist to work through issues together, strengthen bonds, repair emotional damage and prepare for the day when the troubled teen boy might return home. At Sundance Canyon Academy, family therapy generally occurs one per week.


This component of the whole treatment approach at Sundance Academy includes service opportunities to teach boys that they are part of a greater community that they can contribute to. At least two times per month, the boys at Sundance Canyon Academy volunteer their time and skills at any number of locations, such as the Ronald McDonald House or Meals on Wheels. By helping others in need, the boys help themselves as well.


Troubled teen boys need to learn how to approach life in a whole new way, and recreational therapy is an excellent way to do that. Besides being fun and providing a physical release, teen boys learn how to overcome challenges, build up their self-esteem and learn new hobbies and activities they enjoy. Some of the most popular recreational activities at Sundance Canyon Academy include hiking, boating, skilling, camping and off-roading.

Sundance Canyon Academy Treatments Work

When it comes to successfully treating troubled teen boys, the treatment program at Sundance Canyon Academy is effective and long-lasting.  Its a boarding school for troubled boys that meets the high standards set by the state of Utah for licensed teen help facilities and has hundreds of success stories from both teens and their families. When parents take the time to compare Sundance Canyon Academy with other troubled teen facilities, they often find that the treatment program and personal philosophies are just what they’ve been seeking for their sons.