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​Treatment For Troubled Teens: Boot Camp V Residential Treatment Centers

There comes a certain point when even the most dedicated, patient, well equipped parents realize that their child needs more help than they can provide. For the parents of troubled teens, that point is usually once all of the conventional methods of managing their intense behavioral issues have failed and they are facing some very difficult consequences in their future.

While it may seem helpless now, intensive, round the clock treatment could be just what your teen needs to improve their situation and learn the skills they need to better cope with their emotions.

But are all programs like boot camp? What is a residential treatment center? Actually, the two couldn’t be further from one another.

Boot Camp for Troubled Teens

Troubled teens are often in a situation where they are railing against authority for whatever reason. Boot camps are built on the idea that what they need is some strict discipline to get past the hurdle of their behavior. Boot camp is menial, physical and often exhausting. It teaches teenagers the value of self control and forces them to work out their aggression.

Unfortunately, for many teens this program doesn’t always work. In fact, for some, it can cause more problems than it solves. For aggressive teens it has the drawback of making them even more physically intimidating and strong, after months of taking part in intensive physical activity.

Though military style boot camp might work for some, it’s effects are not lasting and merely a band-aide for underlying issues.

Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens

A residential treatment center is much different than a boot camp for teens. It is an inpatient process that places your child into a secure environment where they can learn to cope with their difficult emotions and get to the core of why they are acting out.

Residential treatment centers provide patients with a staff of dependable, well trained therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and others who are dedicated to improving the mental and emotional well being of their teenage charges.

Medication could be used in conjunction with therapy, group therapy and other treatments under the care of licensed physicians.

In some cases, a therapeutic boarding school may be a better choice. This is an establishment that is part residential treatment center, part boarding school with a mingled focus of therapy and academic improvement. It can help teens get back on track.

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