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Therapeutic Boarding Schools: When They Are Needed For Treating Troubled Teens

Raising a defiant and angry teen can be emotional and exhausting and it can be just as difficult to accept that you need outside intervention in order to help him get back on track. While the idea of temporarily removing your child from the home is intimidating, some teens require the intensive, round the clock monitoring and treatment that full time residential programs can provide. Facilities such as therapeutic boarding schools are specifically designed to help teens with issues like aggression, anxiety, depression, defiance and low self-esteem. Such challenges can interfere with a teen’s ability to function effectively at school and home and develop healthy relationships. Full time residential programs are one of the most successful solutions for teens that have had trouble responding to parental discipline or outpatient solutions.

How Does It Work?

Therapeutic boarding schools provide housing for troubled teens where they are regularly monitored and kept safe as they immerse themselves in a supportive, healing environment. The consistent therapeutic approach helps each teen identify his underlying issues and learn how to treat the problem in addition to the symptoms it causes. The goal of most programs is to help each troubled teen make changes from the inside out. This method has a greater history of long term success with troubled teens than any other type of treatment.

Therapeutic boarding schools encourage change through several types of therapy modalities; including individual, group and family. Combined with a healthy balance of recreational activities and accredited academics, each teen has the opportunity to practice life skills and teamwork while improving communication with peers and authority figures. In addition, parents and families are often involved in the healing process and are guided through the transition time when their teen returns home. Smaller group settings mimic the home environment and prepare troubled teens to use appropriate boundaries and coping skills. If you have exhausted all other treatment options for your teen, consider a program that will immerse him in surroundings that invest in his emotional future.

Sundance Canyon Academy is located in the mountains of northern Utah. We have helped troubled teen boys from throughout the country through a unique relationship based treatment mode that avoids traditional behavior modification techniques. If you have questions about our program or have questions regarding the needs of your troubled son, please call us today at 866-678-2425.

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