Therapeutic Boarding Schools In South Dakota

Most parents don’t expect the turmoil that comes from raising a teen with severe behavioral issues and getting him the intensive help he needs at home can be challenging. In cases like this, many families turn to teen help programs to get him the help he needs in time to progress toward becoming a healthy and mature adult. Sundance Canyon Academy, a teen help facility for troubled boys, specializes in helping teens learn how to replace negative habits with positive ones, recognize their triggers and develop good coping methods for issues like defiance, substance abuse, depression, mental disorders or anxiety. We provide an opportunity for boys to move forward in an environment that is ideal for recovery and growth.

If you have been worried about your son and are unsure of the therapeutic boarding schools in South Dakota, contact us at 866-678-2425 for a thorough consultation.

How Can We Help Your Teen?

Effective therapy for adolescents requires a different approach than young children or adults. Our program includes a combination of approaches that are designed to keep students engaged, motivated and personally invested in their recovery. Specifically, some of the advantages we provide are:

  • Support and training for parents as well as students in order to ensure a cohesive relationship at home.
  • Holistic methods that treat the base of the behavioral issues in addition to the resulting symptoms.
  • An accredited educational program led by instructors that can help your son move at his own pace.
  • Hands-on therapy methods like recreation, art, cooking and music to supplement the individual, group and family talk therapy sessions. These opportunities allow students to explore and experiment with teamwork, personal strengths and problem solving.
  • We provide a small and intimate facility that is designed to mimic the home environment. We have found that this set up better prepares our students for the surroundings and dynamics they will be dealing with when they return home.
  • The Aftercare portion of our curriculum gives support to both parents and teens once they have returned home.
  • Our location is a popular choice for conscientious parents because the laws and regulations for teen help facilities are the safest in the country.

Issues Facing Teens In South Dakota

Your teen may want you to treat him like an adult, but he still needs your input and guidance to keep him from making choices that can lead to permanent negative consequences. Some of the temptations available these days can lead to situations that need the intervention of a professional.

For adolescents in South Dakota:

  • In 2008, more than 2300 juveniles were arrested for vandalism, substance abuse and violent acts
  • 21% abuse alcohol, with 13% reporting binge drinking
  • Marijuana use is approximately 7.5% with other illicit drugs at 6%
  • 3rd for suicide
  • 41% pregnancy in teen girls
  • 8% of kids newly diagnosed with ADD/ADHD every year
  • 83% of high schoolers graduate

We know that your boy is your first priority and you are interested in getting him into a high quality program that will help him overcome his issues. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we are proud to offer a facility that is safe, consistent, family inclusive and proven to be effective through the hundreds of boys that have successfully graduated from our program. We promote strength based methods that allow each boy to become the master of his own change and becoming proficient in self-regulation. The skills we teach are intended to help boys gain the tools they can rely on now and throughout their lives.

Why Should You Consider An Out Of State Program Instead Of The Boarding Schools For Boys In South Dakota

It is normal to be emotional and intimidated at the idea of sending your son away to get help and you may be feeling discouraged that your efforts have not yielded results. We want you to know that programs like the one we provide is valuable for families like yours because we offer an environment that is free of the triggers and distractions that impede progress at home. Your son may be able to reinvent himself in entirely new surroundings more effectively than he could when he is at the mercy of peer pressure and existing dynamics.

We are here to support you through the process of choosing the facility that is going to best meet your son’s needs and your family requirements. Contact us today at 866-678-2425 and take the first steps onto a healthier path for your family.

We Have Served Many Families In South Dakota, Including:

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