Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Oregon

If the severity of your troubled teen’s behavior has you looking for outside intervention, we can help you find a solution. Sundance Canyon Academy is a 24 hour teen help program designed to help troubled boys in Oregon learn to deal with their challenges. Our primary goal is to help each student that comes to us develop the tools he needs to cope with his triggers and temptations in a healthy and effective way. If you are looking for an option that will give your son the opportunity to recognize his potential and make healthy changes, Sundance Canyon Academy is the place.    

For further information on therapeutic boarding schools and the advantages of our program, please contact us today to speak with one of our caring and supportive staff members 866-678-2425.

Why Choose Us?

We have spent many years developing a curriculum that combines the benefits of consistency, support and experiential therapy. Issues like defiance, depression, substance abuse, developmental issues and mental disorders during the adolescent years can result in long term consequences and are usually indicative of a deeper problem. While many therapeutic boarding schools utilize behavioral management therapy techniques to simply teach teens correct behavior, we encourage our students to identify and focus on the core of their challenge and effectively heal from the inside out. Our relationship based curriculum allows our students to become the agents of their own change with the full guidance and support of qualified counselors and therapists.  

What Makes Us Unique

Therapeutic boarding schools are an ideal destination for severely troubled teens because the monitored environment allows them to eliminate many of the daily triggers and temptations that lead to relapses and acting out. Once teens are in secure and supportive surroundings, they can truly become receptive to the changes they need to make and can practice new skills without distractions. At Sundance Academy, we offer a variety of opportunities that help troubled boys learn how to balance their lives, recognize their strengths and learn to manage their weaknesses. Some of the factors that make us unique are:  

  • Holistic Therapy – In addition to group, individual and family therapy sessions, we also offer experiential options like recreation, music, art and culinary opportunities. We have found that this strength based approach to healing helps each boy to make changes on a more personal level and allows us to individualize a plan of care for his combination of needs and goals.
  • Family Involvement – While our main focus is our students, we believe that the input and participation of the entire family is necessary for effective healing. We provide support to parents and encourage them to attend regular therapy sessions and visit as much as possible within the parameters of the program. Ideally, each boy will return home with a better relationship with his family and improved communication skills.
  • Care and Consistency – We provide care and guidance for each of our students, with a level of consistency that allows them to predict their own consequences and rewards.  
  • Education – We provide nationally accredited academic courses that are taught by licensed instructors and tutors. Without the distractions that are a part of many traditional school settings, boys can thrive and move forward with their educational goals.   

Common Issues Facing By Teens In Oregon

Navigating the adolescent years has never been harder and there are a number of ways that teens can put themselves on a path that they can’t control. Substance abuse, depression, untreated mental disorders and crime are all things that can threaten the development of your child and the health of your family.

For teens in Oregon:

  • 12.4% experiment with illegal drugs
  • 19% drink alcohol with 12. 3% engaging in binge drinking
  • 33rd in the nation for teen suicide
  • 39% teen pregnancy rate
  • 8.8% of children are diagnosed with ADHD yearly
  • 1,914 juvenile arrests for property crime, 614 arrests for substance abuse and 192 arrests for violent crime.

Issues like those listed above can cause permanent damage to adolescents if they don’t receive help. Some parents are embarrassed or hesitant to admit that their child has gone beyond their control, as though they have failed or should be able to do more. If you have had any of these feelings, it can be helpful to know that some teens are unable to be receptive to the help they need until they are removed from the triggers and distractions of their regular environment. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we can provide a quality therapeutic program for your troubled son, but we also extend a partnership of trust to you. You no longer have to walk this road alone. We are dedicated to helping you bring your family back to a place of unity and peace.   

Should You Consider Out Of State Options As Well As The Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Oregon?

We know that dealing with your troubled son has been a painful and frustrating experience and we want you to feel comfortable in your choice of facility. While keeping your teen close in an Oregon boarding school is something to consider, we encourage you to remember that the most important priority should be making sure your teen is in the best hands possible. We are located in Utah, which has the most comprehensive and strict laws regarding teen help facilities. We continually strive to exceed the standards that are required of us when it comes to the health, safety and overall experience of our students.

We are confident that every troubled boy has the capacity to turn his life around and become a happy and contributing young man and we take pride in helping them find happiness. Contact us today at 866-678-2425.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Currently Servicing All Of Oregon Including The Following Cities:

Portland, Gresham, Hillsboro, Salem, Eugene, Bend, Medford, Beaverton, Springfield, Albany, Tigard Corvallis, Lake Oswego, Grants Pass, Oregon City, Keizer, McMinnville, Tualatin, and West Linn Redmond.