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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New Mexico

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New Mexico

Are you a New Mexico parent of a troubled teenage boy, and you are growing more worried about his behavior? It’s always a difficult decision to enroll your troubled teenage son into a long-term care facility so he can get help with his emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. The swirl of emotions you feel can be slightly reduced when you have confidence in the therapeutic boarding school you’ve chosen. Sundance Canyon Academy is an excellent therapeutic boarding school with a long history of success in working with teenage boys.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a boot camp, military school, or therapeutic boarding school in New Mexico just because it is located in your state. Instead, choose a therapeutic boarding school that is the best match for your teen. Many New Mexico parents assume they have to choose a school that is close to home, but many teenagers actually do better in a new state. They can leave behind all the negative triggers, bad friends, frustrated teachers and frazzled parents and start over. Full time programs, like that at Sundance Canyon Academy, provide the safety and structure that troubled teens need to begin a new chapter in their lives. Instead of therapeutic boarding schools in New Mexico, choose Sundance Canyon Academy.

Why Sundance Canyon Academy?

Sundance Canyon Academy has helped hundreds of troubled teen boys to find a new path. We combine therapy, academics and social activities to create a one-of-a-kind program that really works. Our top goal is to see New Mexico teens overcome their emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges and become successful, independent young men. Through therapy, teen boys identify their deepest issues and work on ways to deal with them in a healthy way. Our accredited academic program is second to none, and we’ve seen certified teachers help students repair credit, tackle new classes and even earn a high school diploma.

We take great pride in the fact that our location is ideal for learning, growth, work, and play. Outdoor activities make being at Sundance Canyon Academy fun for teen boys while they learn to set and achieve goals, make new friends, work with authority figures in a positive way, and discover their own potential. We’ve had so many parents from across the country tell us how happy they are to see the changes in their sons when they return home as happier and healthier young men. It’s never easy to make this big decision, but we are here to help you in any way we can. With our support, your teenage son will have a much better chance at a healthy and well-adjusted life than if you chose just any therapeutic boarding school in New Mexico.

It’s very important to find a good fit when it comes to boarding schools, so please call Sundance Canyon Academy at 1-866-678-2425 so we can answer any questions you might have regarding our school, our staff or any other enrollment requirements. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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