Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nevada

Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Nevada

If you are worried that your son is exhibiting behavior that could lead to permanent consequences, and you are considering a therapeutic boarding school in Nevada, we can help you. Sundance Canyon Academy is a therapeutic boarding school designed to help troubled boys overcome their challenges and turn their lives around through a consistent and holistic approach. Located just east of Nevada, we offer a peaceful and scenic area where troubled boys can come and gain the skills that will help them manage their issues and become mature and competent individuals.

For more information on therapeutic boarding schools in Nevada and the specific benefits Sundance Canyon Academy can offer your teen, please call us today 866-678-2425 to speak to one of our helpful and professional staff.

Why Send Your Teen To Sundance Canyon Academy?

Our many years of experience has earned us a reputation for quality and success. We are committed to helping each troubled boy that comes to us become the master of his own change through a highly successful relationship based, holistic program. Your son can’t truly heal until he has identified and addressed the source of his problems. Many therapeutic boarding schools in Nevada use a behavior modification therapy approach which only teaches teens how to control the symptoms of the greater issues. Long term results come from being able to heal from the inside out and Sundance Canyon Academy is the place where your son can do that.

What Sundance Canyon Academy Can Offer You Over A Therapeutic Boarding School In Nevada

When a troubled teen can no longer be cared for or controlled in his home environment, professionals recommend that he be temporarily placed in a full time, residential option. Because each school’s curriculum varies, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a potential facility. Our program includes:

  • Therapy – We offer a more holistic version of therapy at our school. The experiences and opportunities we provide are designed to engage teens on a personal level and put the tools for healing into their own hands. A variety of modalities, like recreational, music, art and culinary therapy are combined with the more traditional group, family and individual sessions for greater depth and a more well-rounded experience.
  • Family Involvement – We feel that more family and parental involvement leads to more effective cohesion in the family unit. It also offers insight to you as the parent about your son’s triggers and how to help him maintain his hard work once he returns home.
  • Leadership and Service– Leadership skills are an important way for troubled teens to gain confidence and work effectively as a team. We offer experiences that allow each boy to hone those skills. We have also found that service leads to empathy, which many troubled teens often lack. As a result, our students participate in a service project once or twice a month.
  • Academics – We have a nationally accredited academic program where troubled teens can repair grades, keep up with a class at home or gain valuable study and organizational skills, free from the social pressure and emotional distractions of a traditional school setting.
  • Aftercare – Our Aftercare program supports both parents and teens through the often rocky transition back into home and daily life.
  • Family Style Environment – We keep our groups small in order to mimic the feeling of home and family. Not only are our students able to practice positive interaction and social skills in a group setting, it sets the stage for a successful return home.

Problems Many Teens In Nevada Face

Being a teenager can be tricky, especially with the growing number of temptations and opportunities for trouble. Issues like drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and depression can permanently destroy lives if they are not treated. Some of the challenges that teens in Nevada face are:

  • 10.9 percent of teens in Nevada experiment with illicit drugs every month
  • 16.7 percent of teens use alcohol monthly and 11.3 percent report binge drinking
  • Nevada is 18th in the nation for teen suicide
  • Teen pregnancy rates for Nevada are 48 percent per 1,000
  • 5.6 percent of children between 4 and 17 are diagnosed with ADHD per year
  • In 2008, the U.S. Department of Justice reported 337 juvenile arrests for violent crime, 1,724 arrests for property crime and 618 arrests for drug abuse
  • Nevada has a 62 percent graduation rate

Some parents feel guilty and ashamed when they find that they are unable to make their troubled son respond to their efforts on his behalf. Keep in mind that some teens need the structure and control of a monitored, therapeutic environment in order to truly become receptive to positive changes. Sundance Canyon Academy has a strong history of success when it comes to helping troubled teens learn positive coping methods and develop the desire for a healthier life. We share your goals for your son and have the experience and dedication required to help him return to a place of hope and happiness.

Sundance Canyon Academy May Be A More Effective Solution Than A Therapeutic Boarding School In Nevada

Few parents every assume that they will one day have to send their son away in order to correct his behavioral issues, but when it happens, schools for troubled teens are a valuable option for parents that are unsure of where else to turn. We are confident that with the right program, every troubled teen has the ability to make positive changes and become confident and happy young men. We look forward to speaking with you to discuss the ways we can help your family move forward. Contact us today at 1-866-678-2425

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Currently Serving Troubled Teens Throughout The State Of Nevada Including The Cities Of:

Boulder City, Carson City, Elko, Enterprise, Fernley, Henderson, Las Vegas, Mesquite, North Las Vegas, Pahrump, Paradise, Reno, Spanish Springs, Sparks, Spring Valley, Summerlin, South, Sun Valley, Sunrise, Manor, Whitney, Winchester