Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Michigan

If your teen son has behavioral problems and is not responding to your efforts to turn his life around, we have a solution for you. Sundance Canyon Academy is specifically designed to help struggling teens throughout the country to learn how to cope with their issues in an effective way. Our highest priority is making sure that each boy gets the individual help he needs to learn how to recognize his triggers and gain the skills he needs to replace bad habits with positive behavior. If you are looking for a program that will allow your son to develop the valuable tools he needs to live an emotionally healthy life through a supportive and caring environment, Sundance Canyon Academy is the ideal location.      

For information about our program or information about therapeutic boarding schools in Michigan, please call us today at 866-678-2425. Our experienced and caring staff is ready to help you find the best solution for your family.  

Why Sundance Canyon Academy?

Many years of experience have gone into the details of our specially designed holistic program. One of the factors that set us apart from other facilities is our belief that troubled boys must take care of the root of the problem in order to truly heal. Many programs use a behavior modification therapy approach, and only the symptoms of the problem are addressed. Our method allows boys to be in charge of their own changes and learn how to self-regulate for results that are more long term than if they simply learned how to alter their behavior. Our strength based therapy methods are combined with service activities and life skills opportunities in order to practice teamwork, empathy and good communication skills.    

What Our Therapeutic Boarding School Can Offer Troubled Boys From Michigan

When you are going through the process of selecting a therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teen, it is important to select one that has all the components for a well-rounded experience. Some of the advantages we offer at Sundance Canyon Academy are:   

  • A versatile therapeutic curriculum, including group, individual and family therapy as well as additional options like recreation and music.
  • Families are able to take a step away from each other and the negative cycle of communication that has been developed through daily power struggles. Supervised distance allows each party to focus on the changes they need to make to create a healthier relationship.
  • We provide an academic program where your son can work at his own pace on his educational goals.
  • A new environment helps troubled teens to do the work they need to do without the burden of old triggers and negative associations. Among new peers and guided by trained experts, each boy is able to make a fresh start.
  • Full time therapeutic programs safely and comfortably house teens while their parents get some much needed respite. While they emotionally regroup, their son is immersed in an environment designed to help him become healthy and happy.
  • Our valuable Aftercare option helps teens and parents make the difficult transition home, resulting in better maintenance for all the hard work accomplished.   

Common Challenges Facing Teens in Michigan Must Face

Issues like crime, substance abuse, crime and violence can lead to long standing issues in teens. In addition to straining the family unit, such factors also threaten the fabric of the community.

For Michigan Teens:    

  • 11.4% experiment with drugs each month.  
  • 8% report marijuana use.
  • 20th in the country for suicide.
  • 39% pregnancy rate
  • 9.9% of children diagnosed with ADHD yearly
  • In 2008, 337 teens were arrested for drug abuse, 225 arrests for violent crime and 1,067 arrests for property crime.
  • 74% high school graduation rate

If you are discouraged that none of your efforts to help your son aren’t showing results, we encourage you to remember that some teens are unable to make the changes they need to while they are at the mercy of daily triggers and temptations in their home environment. We provide surroundings that are both safe and monitored and will allow your teen to become immersed in the therapy and support that will help learn how to manage his issues in a healthy way. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we are dedicated to helping troubled boys heal and return home as happy and healthy young men.     

Why Should You Consider An Out Of State Program Instead Of A Therapeutic Boys School In Michigan?

Although many parents feel they must limit their search to therapeutic boarding schools in Michigan, there are also many advantages to be found in out of state facilities. In fact, we have found that many teens attending programs further from home, show faster improvement because they are free of previous associations and stigmas and can freely reinvent themselves. In addition, we are located in Utah, which has the safest and most inclusive laws regarding teen health programs in the nation. We continually endeavor to exceed our already high standards.    

We have helped hundreds of boys find a healthier path and we are confident that we can help your son as well. Call us today for a free consultation 866-678-2425.

Sundance Canyon Academy Serves All Of Michigan, Including:

Detroit, Grand Rapids, St. Clair Shores, Pontiac, Warren, Rochester Hills, Taylor, Flint, Dearborn, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Livonia Lansing, Westland, Troy, Farmington Hills, Wyoming, Southfield, and Kalamazoo.