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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Kansas

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Kansas

If you have been exploring therapeutic boarding schools in Oregon, you have probably grown confused with all the information yet frustrated that nothing seems very clear. When you have a troubled teenage son, every day counts in getting him the help he needs. That’s way many Kansas parents are turning to Sundance Canyon Academy. We are a therapeutic boarding school that blends academics, therapy and social activities into a successful program. Teenage boys who struggle with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues need more than what you can give. Our program has helped hundreds of young men go from discouraged to successful, and we feel confident we can help your teen, too.

It’s natural to feel discouraged about your lack of success in getting your teenage son back on the right path. The truth is that sometimes the struggles are so overwhelming that teen boys need to be put into a structured and safe facility with trained professionals, like therapists, mentors, teachers and more. Often, a change in circumstances and surroundings is needed before teen boys will be receptive to help and change. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we offer a secure and supportive environment where your son will work with experts to learn how to overcome his personal issues. Full time therapeutic care can be an amazing experience for troubled teens. We have seen it again and again—with the right help, troubled teens can change from struggling to successful.

Why Sundance Canyon Academy?

At Sundance Canyon Acadmey, our top goal is to see your troubled teen son become a self-confident, optimistic and successful young man. You may think that just any therapeutic boarding school can help him out, but not all programs are alike. Sundance Canyon Academy is more effective than boot camps, military schools and therapeutic boarding schools in Kansas for several reasons.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Sundance Canyon Academy is a better choice than therapeutic boarding schools in Kansas:

  1. We have professional therapists with years of experience working with troubled teens. They hold individual and group therapy sessions to ensure that each teen is getting the help they need.

  2. We hire certified teachers to help teens stay on track academically, small classrooms, extra tutoring and more help teens repair credit, complete classes and even earn a high school diploma.

  3. We have many social activities for teens to learn ow to build healthy relationships, work with peers and mentors and with the community at large.

  4. We offer many life skills opportunities that help teen boys move toward independence, and being able to take care of themselves and others.

  5. We provide an aftercare program that helps teenage boys and their parents successfully transition back into home life together.

There are plenty of therapeutic boarding schools in Kansas and around the country, but there are few that can match the professionalism and success of Sundance Canyon Academy. For more information on our outstanding program and our history of success with teenage boys, please call us at 1-866-678-2425.

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