Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Delaware

Many parent anticipate that the adolescent years with their son is likely to be full of pitfalls as he grows and asserts his independence, but few are prepared for serious behavioral problems. In such cases, families often turn to outside help in order to get their teen the intervention he needs before his actions lead to permanent consequences. Sundance Canyon Academy is a therapeutic boarding school designed to give troubled boys the opportunity to make positive changes in an environment that is healthy, safe and effective. In our facility, parents can get the support they need to give their son the best chance to turn his life around through methods that haven been tried and proven with hundreds of teens in Delaware and throughout the country.

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How Is Sundance Canyon Academy More Effective Than Other Teen Help Programs?

Therapy for teens must be approached in a different way than adults, or even children. We have developed a program that combines experiential opportunities with therapeutic approaches in order to keep your son motivated and interested in the process. Among the more specific advantages we offer are:

  • Parental involvement is highly encouraged from the beginning to the end of the treatment program.
  • Our methods are holistic and by identifying and addressing the core issues, teens have better results than if we simply focused on the resulting behavior.
  • We provide an educational program for each of our students that is accredited and tailored to help them move at their own pace.
  • In addition to talk therapy sessions, we also offer hands-on options like cooking, art, music, art and recreational therapy. Such opportunities allow teens to explore new strengths and discover what they are physically and mentally capable of.
  • We feel that learning life skills is important for our students, and our curriculum reflects that through service projects, budgeting, teamwork and effective communication.
  • Our facility is small enough to create a family style environment. Our students can practice their new skills in surroundings much like they will return to when they go home.
  • Sundance Canyon Academy is located in Utah, which has the best and safest laws in the nation governing therapeutic boarding schools.
  • We provide Aftercare that supports both teens and their parents during the reintegration home.

Issues Facing Delaware Teens

Although most teens feel as though they are old enough to be treated like adults, they are not yet cognitively able to comprehend how the decisions they make can impact their lives now and in the future. They may allow themselves to be drawn into situations that require professional help to get out of.

For Delaware teens:

  • In 2008, over 3300 teens arrested for property vandalism, violent acts and substance abuse
  • 12% drink alcohol and over 11% abuse marijuana
  • 34th for teen suicide
  • 39% pregnancy among teens
  • 14% of children with ADHD diagnosed each year

We understand that you have done everything in your power to help your son and that you may be feeling discouraged that he is showing little progress. Please remember that it isn’t necessarily a lack of caring or initiative on your part, but that the environment surrounding him may be too distracting to allow him to be receptive to your help. Facilities like ours at Sundance Canyon Academy can be a valuable resource for parents like you that only want to help their child. The program we offer is safe and proven and our staff is dedicated to helping each student and his family return to a place of peace and move toward effective maturity. The strength based methods that we employ are designed to help teens learn how to self-regulate for a more successful future.

An Out Of State Option May Be Better Than The Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Delaware

Sending your son away is intimidating and emotional and your instinct is probably to look into programs within the state; however, we encourage you to consider all of your options as you decide on the best solution for your troubled boy. Not only does each state vary when it comes to accreditation and safety for teen help facilities, but adolescent psychologists have suggested that a complete change of environment is very beneficial for helping teens reinvent themselves more positively.

We are dedicated to helping you navigate the process of selecting the most effective program for your son and we take pride in being able to offer the parents of our students peace of mind and a partnership devoted to making sure that their boy gets the help he needs. Call us now at 866-678-2425 and get the help you and your teen need.

We Have Helped Families Throughout Delaware, Including:

New Castle, Wilmington, Georgetown, Middletown, Newark, Dover, Seaford, Smyrna, Milford, Bridgeville, Lewes, Harrington, Laurel, Townsend, Clayton, Camden, Selbyville, Rehoboth, Delaware City, Cheswold and Delmar