Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Connecticut

Raising a teen with severe behavioral issues can be one of the most difficult stages of parenting. When your teen has failed to respond to anything you have tried, it may be time to consider outside intervention. Although you are likely to begin your research process with therapeutic boarding schools in Connecticut, we want to encourage you to explore all of your options. Facilities a little further from home can provide some advantages you may not be able to get closer to home. For instance:

  • A new and challenging environment where troubled teens can forget negative associations and previous triggers while they work on gaining the skills they need to reinvent themselves. Each boy is able to start over with a clean slate.
  • Parents and teens can take a break from each other and the constant power struggle cycles. Through professional guidance, both parties are able to use the time apart to address their individual challenges in order to prepare for a better relationship.
  • Emotionally exhausted parents are able to get some respite from the stress and worry of handling their troubled teen. While they regroup, their son is safe and secure among professionals dedicated to helping him turn his life around.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a full time therapeutic program located in northern Utah. We have long been a more successful option for troubled teen boys than a therapeutic boarding school in Connecticut for many reasons, including:

  1. We are located in Utah, which has the safest and most comprehensive laws and regulations regarding the teen help industry. There is no other state that has as many health, safety and accreditation requirements. We constantly strive to exceed these standards in our facility.
  2. We have designed a unique relationship based therapy program which helps boys identify and work on the core of their issues. Other programs employ behavior modification techniques, which only addresses the symptoms.
  3. Our accredited academic curriculum is overseen by highly qualified tutors and instructors. Students can work at their own pace toward graduation or even transfer credits.
  4. In addition to the usual group, individual and family therapy modalities, we also offer recreation and music therapies as well as a variety of opportunities for life skills. We want our students to receive a well-rounded experience while they are in our care.
  5. Our Aftercare program supports both parents and their teen during the tricky transition home and back into day to day life. We have found that this care promotes longer lasting results and better maintenance of the hard work done here.

We understand that this process is painful and intimidating and we want to make sure you are comfortable with your selection. Although a therapeutic boarding school in Connecticut would keep your son closer to home, the most important factor should be finding a program that safely and expertly meets his needs while giving you peace of mind. For more information about our program or a consultation, please call us at 866-678-2425. We have helped hundreds of families in Connecticut find the most effective solution and we look forward to helping you too.