Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Colorado

Raising a troubled teen can be tricky, especially when he refuses to respond to your efforts to guide him. If you’re worried as a parent, looking for a boarding school in Colorado, let us help you. Our full time therapeutic boarding school, Sundance Academy, is dedicated to helping teen boys overcome their behavioral issues and learn to identify the factors that trigger poor decisions and negative personal skills. Located in the mountains of northern Utah, we offer a uniquely designed program that allows teen boys from Colorado to become the agents of their own change through strength based therapy opportunities. Our goal is to help each young man that comes to us return home with the tools he needs to be a healthy and productive individual.

To get more information about Sundance Canyon Academy and the many benefits of therapeutic boarding schools, call us at 866-678-2425. We are anxious to answer your questions and help you find a positive solution.

Why Choose Sundance Canyon Academy?

Our academy is particularly unique because we have developed a therapy program based on relationships that encourages troubled teens to look deep within themselves and pinpoint the core issues that lead to negative behavior. Once they have personally established what the problem is and what their triggers are, they can more effectively heal from the inside out. Most therapeutic boarding schools utilize behavior modification techniques, which are only effective at treating symptoms of a greater problem. We are dedicated to helping each boy work through a treatment plan that is individualized to suit his needs and learning style.

Benefits Of Our Therapeutic Boarding School For Troubled Boys in Colorado

For parents who are trying to help their struggling son, we can help. We have helped many such boys from the state of Colorado and would love to discuss with you to see if we can also help your son. Our program includes the following:

  • Holistic Therapy – Our holistic, strength based therapy program includes a variety of experiences like culinary and recreational skills in addition to the usual group, individual and family therapies. This style particularly caters to the way teen boys grow and develop.
  • Academics – We offer a nationally accredited academic program that is overseen by licensed instructors devoted to helping each boy move forward at a pace that works for him. Not only will your son improve his grades in a setting free from the distractions of traditional school, he will gain valuable study and organizational skills.
  • Parental Involvement – We strongly believe that you are a valuable part of your son’s healing process and as such, should be involved as much as possible. We welcome your regular attendance on campus if you are nearby, and have video chat options for those a little further away. As you work with your son to help him learn and grow, you will be better equipped to help him maintain his hard work once he returns home.
  • Balance – We feel that the key to a good life is learning how to balance work and play. Everything we offer is designed to help each boy learn how to give due time to each area of his life in order to become fulfilled and carry on those skills into his daily life. Our caring and experienced staff is there every step of the way along the learning process, but because each boy’s results are self driven, his sense of satisfaction and confidence will be more permanent.

Common Issues Troubled Teens Face That Need Therapeutic Boarding Schools – Colorado Statistics

Temptations and distractions for teens have never been more prevalent and your son faces a daily barrage of potentially negative opportunities. Parents in Colorado are seeing more and more teens at risk for damaging behavior like substance abuse, depression and crime.

Typical challenges that Colorado teens face include:

  • 11.8% of teens in Colorado use with drugs on a monthly basis.
  • 19.7% of males and 21.9 percent of females drink alcohol regularly. Around half of this number participate in excessive drinking.
  • Colorado ranks 7th in the US for teen suicide.
  • Pregnancy among girls age 15-19 have risen to 23.4 percent.
  • 7.4 percent of children between 4-17 are diagnosed with some form of ADHD each year.
  • In 2008, the U.S. Department of Justice reported 199 juvenile arrests for violent crime, 763 arrests for drug abuse and 1,853 arrests for property crime.
  • Graduation from high school – rates in Colorado are at 74 percent.

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we are committed to helping teens with a variety of issues like defiance, depression, abuse trauma, substance abuse, ADHD and other mental disorders that can disrupt healthy growth and development. Through consistency and work, we believe each troubled teen can learn to manage his challenges and develop healthier coping skills.

We know that you may be feeling frustrated or even ashamed that you cannot do more to help your teen progress in a positive direction. It may help to remember that many of the issues facing your son are not something he, or you, can overcome without professional help. Some teens need to be entirely removed from the temptations of his home environment before he can become receptive to making the changes that will help him turn his life around. We strive to help struggling families navigate the increasingly difficult adolescent years through caring support and experienced guidance.

Sundance Canyon Academy May Be A More Effective Option For Your Son Than A Therapeutic Boarding School In Colorado

While we understand that keeping your son closer to home seems ideal, we encourage you to consider an out of state school. This is often recommended by therapists in order to allow each teen to start over with a clean slate. A nearby location is ultimately less important than making sure you select a facility that is safe, experienced and an ideal match for his needs.

We offer an unsurpassed therapy solution for your troubled son. Our goal is the same as yours; to see your son become the healthy and confident young man you know he can be. We have helped countless families find the path back to unity and peace and we look forward to helping you as well. Call 866-678-2425 today.