Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys In Pennsylvania

The teen years are an important time to develop a baseline for healthy growth and development. While some amount of experimentation and defiance is normal for most teens, those that exhibit extreme behavioral issues risk more permanent consequences. If your teen has been showing such behavior, you may have looked into the options for more intensive intervention than you are able to provide at home. While the schools for troubled boys in Pennsylvania are a worthy place to start your research, they may not ultimately be the best location for your son. There are many facilities available throughout the country and many teens thrive more when they attend a program further from home. Among the reasons for this are:    


  • A challenging and unique environment where troubled boy can focus on making life changes, away from the burden of old triggers and negative associations. Each boy can to make a fresh start among supportive counselors and peers.      
  • Teens and their parents can get some distance while they focus on their individual challenges and needs. Each party is guided toward gaining the skills they need for a healthy relationship and better communication.        
  • Tired parents can get some much needed respite, knowing that their son is safely supported in experienced hands and surroundings designed to help him turn his life around.    
  • The standard of care for each facility differs based on the state. Some parents must look a little further afield in order to find a program that is safe, accredited and fully licensed. We’re in a particularly popular location because the laws and regulations are the most inclusive in the nation.


Sundance Canyon Is An Ideal Place For Troubled Boys To Heal

Sundance Canyon Academy is a safer and more effective option than therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Pennsylvania. Through a specialized program that caters naturally to the way boys learn and grow, we have successfully helped hundreds of boys throughout the country become confident and contributing individuals. There are many factors that set us apart, including:    

  • A relationship based therapy program which allows students to become the agents of their own change by helping them determine the root of their problems. Most programs utilize behavior modification therapy methods, which only deal with the symptoms.    
  • We offer an academic program that is run by qualified instructors with experience helping troubled teen boys. Each student is able to move forward at a pace that is good for him.
  • Our curriculum includes a variety of therapies in along with the usual group, individual and family meetings. Each student also participates in life skills training in order to get a broad experience.  
  • Our Aftercare program provides support to families as they transition back home.


Sundance Canyon Academy Can Help Your Son Succeed

We want to help you make the selection that will help your son and give you confidence. While we understand that the boarding schools for teens in Pennsylvania seem ideal because they are nearby, we urge you to place the highest priority on experience and safety.


For a consultation or more information on the program, please call us today at (888) 678-2425. We look forward to helping you and your family move forward.


We Serve Families Throughout Pennsylvania, Including:


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