Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Boys in Oklahoma

If your teen is not responding to your efforts to help him change his behavior, we can help you. Sundance Canyon Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for boys that helps teens from Oklahoma and throughout the country overcome their issues and gain the skills they need to become happy and emotionally healthy. Our program successfully combines all the necessary factors for troubled teen boys to begin healing and transition to stable and independent teens. We are located in the ideal place for a new start and the outdoor activities that are so effective in treating adolescents. We provide a supportive environment and the experience to help your son thrive.

For more information on how we might be a better fit for your son than the therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Oklahoma, please call us today at (866) 678-2425 to speak to one of our caring and helpful representatives.

Why Choose Us?

We have spent many years developing a program that caters to the needs of troubled boys and allows them to recover in the most effective way possible. Our strength based approach combines the benefits of traditional therapy methods with more hands-on options that keep teens engaged and appeals to them on a personal level. While our experienced counselors and therapists are on hand to provide support and guidance for each student, we have found that when boys are able to create their own change, they gain the knowledge and experience they need to overcome obstacles now and in the future. Through the exploration and identification of the core issues, our students are able to heal from the inside out and create longer lasting changes in their lives.

What We Can Offer Troubled Oklahoma Teen Boys

The key to long-term recovery in teen boys is a good therapeutic boarding school that customizes treatment to fit each person’s needs. They are staffed with professionals who have experience in a range of teen issues, from ADD/ADHD, defiance, depression, bipolar, adoption issues, anxiety, abuse trauma, low self-esteem, drug and alcohol abuse, aggression and so much more.

Any of these emotional, mental or behavioral issues can really become obstacles for a teenager’s ability to function. Eventually, home, school and work become places where the teens are frustrated and act out. Therapeutic boarding schools like Sundance Canyon Academy change all that and provide successful solutions for troubled teens boys.

We address the following components toward healing:

  • Personal and group therapy
  • Parent and family Involvement
  • Safe, secure and neutral environment
  • Supervised and structured lifestyle
  • Accredited academic instruction
  • Recreation and socialization
  • Life skills and gaining independence
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Support when transitioning home

Common Challenges Faced By Oklahoma Teens

There are a lot of challenges that teens must face in order to navigate adolescence successfully. The statistics regarding teens in Oklahoma suggest that parents must be proactive if they are going to help their teens avoid long term consequences. For instance:

  • Approximately 32% of Oklahoma teens abuse alcohol
  • 14% of teens report binge drinking.
  • Marijuana use occurs with 33 percent of Oklahoma teens while 4 percent abuse other illegal drugs.
  • Oklahoma is 8th in the nation for suicide.
  • Approximately 9.9 percent of Oklahoma children are diagnosed each year with ADD/ADHD.
  • In 2018, there were 64 arrests for aggravated assault, 274 arrests for drug abuse, 22 arrests for robbery, 35 arrests for weapons charges and 393 arrests for larceny.
  • In 2016, 4,299 live babies were born to women under 20, making Oklahoma 2nd in the country for teen pregnancy.
  • Oklahoma has only an 82.5% high school graduation rate.

When a teen gets in over his head regarding behavioral issues, there may be nothing you can do to help him at home, no matter how attentive and proactive you are. Some boys need to be removed from the distractions of their home and social life and immersed in more therapeutic and neutral surroundings before they are able to become mentally and emotionally receptive to guidance and positive changes. We offer a supportive and consistent environment where your son can be coached and guided toward better self-confidence and an improved outlook on life.

Should You Select A Therapeutic Boarding School Out Of State Rather Instead Of A Facility In Oklahoma?

We offer a lifestyle and program at Sundance Canyon Academy that might be exactly what your teen needs in order to find a better path. While we understand that the distance is a consideration, we provide options that will allow you to be a regular and active part of your son’s weekly care. Many professionals suggest that placing a troubled boy in an entirely new environment is an effective way to help him reinvent himself with a clean slate until he is ready to return to his former life. It’s also important to note that Utah also has some of the strictest laws and regulations over the teen help industry, so Sundance Canyon Academy actually meets or exceeds some of the highest therapeutic boarding school standards in the country.

We feel confident that your son has the ability to discover his potential with the right kind of help and we have the resources and experience to help him get there. For more details about our program, please contact us today at (866) 678-2425 for a free consultation.