Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys In Ohio

The adolescent years can be tricky for parents as their teens experiment with independence and newfound emotions and feelings. While issues like depression and defiance are not uncommon, some teens struggle with more extreme versions of these issues, putting them at risk for unhealthy development and long term consequences. If you have been dealing with a troubled teen, you may have explored the intensive intervention options that will help him turn his life around. While there are many programs throughout the country, the therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Ohio are a good place to begin your research process. Keep in mind however, that a facility close to home might not be as effective as one a little further afield. Some of the benefits of placing your son in an outside environment are:

New and unique surroundings where troubled teens can work on making positive life changes without the distraction of the triggers and temptations they are used to at home. Each boy is able to start over with a clean slate.

  • Parents and teens are able to get some time apart while they each recover and work on their individual issues and communication skills. Experienced therapists and counselors guide each party toward laying a new foundation for a healthier and more effective relationship.
  • Full time programs offer respite for tired parents, while their son is secure and supported in an environment created to help him gain the tools he needs for a successful future.
  • Each state has their own laws and regulations governing the teen help programs. Because of this, some parents are not confident in the standard of care of those closest to home and must look elsewhere for safety and experience. Utah has the most comprehensive laws in the nation and is a particularly popular choice among conscientious parents.

Sundance Canyon Is Uniquely Qualified To Help Troubled Teen Boys

Sundance Canyon Academy, located in northern Utah, has been a top choice among parents for many years. Unlike the therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Ohio, we have developed a unique program that allows each teen to be the agent of his own change for more effective and longer lasting results. Some of the advantages we offer are:

  • A relationship based therapy program that encourages boys to identify the root of their issues and focus on positive changes from the inside out. Most programs employ behavior modification techniques, which only address the symptoms of the greater problem.
  • Our nationally accredited academic program is overseen by licensed instructors that work individually with each student to help him move forward at his own pace.
  • We provide recreation, music and experiential therapies as part of our curriculum in addition to the usual group, individual and family sessions. We also offer each student a chance to participate in a variety of life skills opportunities in order to deliver a well-rounded experience.
  • Our Aftercare program supports both teens and their parents as they work through the transition home and back into regular life.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is Here To Help You

We want you to have confidence in your choice of program and help you choose the best one to fits your son’s needs. Although the therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Ohio are closer to home, we encourage you to remember that location is less important than safety and experience.

For questions about our program or a consultation, please contact us at (888) 678-2425. We are certain that we can help you determine the best solution for your family.