Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys In North Carolina

Raising a teen can be very challenging for parents. Although issues like substance abuse, social experimentation, depression and defiance are not unusual, some teens exhibit behavioral issues that are severe enough to cause major disruption in their development and ability to make and maintain healthy relationships. If your boy is struggling, you may have been exploring the schools for troubled boys in North Carolina for the intensive intervention you are unable to give him at home. However, keep in mind that there are many options accessible to you that might suit your teen and his needs better. Some of the advantages you get from placing your teen in an out of state program include:  


  • An entirely new environment where struggling teens can start over with a clean slate, free of the temptations and triggers they associate with home and day to day life.         
  • Teens and their parents are able to take a break from each other and the daily cycle of power struggles. Through the guidance of qualified therapists, each side is able to focus on their individual issues and get the most out of distance and time away.          
  • Full time residential programs offer rest for emotionally fatigued parents. While they recover, their teen is supported and coached in surroundings that are created to help him recognize his potential and make positive changes.      
  • Each state is different when it comes to the laws regarding the accreditation, safety and required experience for their teen help programs. Consequently, many parents must look further away in order to find a facility that meets the highest standards. We abide by the safest regulations and are a popular choice among parents looking for quality and peace of mind.    


There Is Hope For Your Troubled Son

Sundance Canyon Academy has been a better destination than the therapeutic boarding schools in North Carolina for years. Through a commitment to safety and an inimitably designed program, we have helped hundreds of troubled boys find a better path. Among the benefits of our facility are:      

  • A strength based therapy curriculum that encourages boys to determine the bottom of their behavioral issues and learn to heal or manage it. Many programs use behavioral modification therapy methods that don’t address anything but symptoms of the bigger issue.        
  • Our academic program is nationally accredited and overseen by qualified teachers that help each student continue his education at a comfortable pace.   
  • We offer a curriculum that includes a variety of therapy types, including recreation, music and experiential options. When combined with traditional therapy settings and of life skills options, we can ensure that each teen receives a comprehensive experience  
  • Our Aftercare option supports families as they transition back home. This additional care helps families to maintain the hard work they did during the program.      

You Can Have Confidence In Your Choice Of Troubled Boys School

We share your goal of helping your troubled son get the help he needs for his unique challenges. Although the boarding schools for boys in North Carolina seem ideal because your teen will be nearby, please remember that location is not as important as safety and experience.  


For a consultation or questions about enrollment, call us today at (888) 678-2425.