Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys In Missouri

When your teen exhibits persistent behavioral problems, it can lead to frequent arguments and a damaged relationship. If nothing you have done seems to be helping your son make better choices, he may benefit from more thorough intervention than you are able to give him at home. Many troubled teens actually thrive more when participating in a program further away from home. Because there are so many options throughout the country, we encourage you to explore the benefits of a new and challenging environment. Some of these include:  


  • Surroundings free of the burden of old triggers and temptations. Each boy has the advantage of a clean slate and supportive peers and therapists that can help him make positive changes. 
  • Teens and their parents are able to get some distance from the negative cycle of power struggles and discipline. Interaction between each party is guided by experienced professionals in order to create a healthier foundation for an improved relationship.               
  • Full time residential programs provide parents with some much needed emotional respite while their teen is securely supported among professionals committed to helping him learn healthy alternatives for negative behavior.          
  • Every state has a different set of laws and regulations for their teen help programs. Because of this, many parents have to look further afield for facilities with both experience and high standards. Our location is the most popular destination for troubled teens because it has the most inclusive safety, experience and accreditation laws in the country.


Sundance Canyon Helps Struggling Teens Recover


Sundance Canyon Academy has been more effective at helping troubled teens that the therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Missouri for many years. Some of the benefits of our program are:          

  • A uniquely designed a therapy program that allows troubled boys to become the agents of their own change and heal at the core through identifying and targeting the root of their issues. Behavior modification therapy techniques are utilized at most programs and only manage the symptoms of the bigger issue.             
  • We offer a nationally accredited academic program that is overseen by qualified instructors. Each boy receives individual attention as he moves forward on his educational goals at his own pace.       
  • Our therapy curriculum includes a wide variety of modalities in order to reach each teen on a personal level. In addition to the traditional group, individual and family sessions, we also offer recreation, music and other experiential opportunities to ensure a complete experience.

We Can Help You Find The Best Solution For Your Teen

We know that you are interested in finding a solution that will be a good fit for your struggling teen and give you confidence in your choice. Although the therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Missouri are ideal in terms of location, we encourage you to understand that offering the best possible experience to your teen means seeking out a program that is safe, experienced and a good match for his unique needs.


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