Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Boys in Minnesota

Few things are more difficult for a Minnesota parent to see than witnessing their teenage boy struggle with issues that threaten not only his current health and wellness, but his entire future. There are so many challenges for teenage boys to deal with today, from depression, anxiety, abuse, drug addiction, low self-esteem and behavioral issue.

When teen boys are experiencing problems, many parents seek out therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Minnesota as a way to get them the professional help they need. The good news is that therapeutic boarding schools can be quite successful in helping teens get back on track. Sundance Canyon Academy is one facility that has many success stories to share about troubled teens that found the guidance and help they needed to become healthy and well again.

What are the Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Boys in Minnesota?

While each state has teen help programs like wilderness camps, residential treatment programs and therapeutic boarding schools, there’s no real benefit to attending a facility in the boys’ home state. In fact, many professional feel like its actually better for troubled teens to attend a therapeutic boarding school farther away form the boy’s current friends, school and even parents. It gives the teens a chance to break bad habits, see a new part of the country, and start a new chapter where nobody is judging them on their past.

Sundance Canyon Academy can be the best of the therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Minnesota, because it is located in beautiful Utah in at the foot of the Wasatch Mountain range. Parents who are looking for a quality facility for their troubled teen sons should really check out Sundance Canyon Academy and all the benefits that being out of state provides.

Why Choose Sundance Canyon Academy for Troubled Teen Boys?

The programs at Sundance Canyon Academy give teen boys from Minnesota a structured and safe place to start healing. There are several components to the treatments at Sundance Canyon Academy:

  • Therapy is important for getting to the root of every problem and finding solutions on how to treat it, from trauma to addiction. Personal and group therapy is regular, structured and individualized.
  • Academics are critical to ensuring a future for every teen boy, so regular classes are held and any extra help, from small class sizes to tutoring, are applied.
  • Recreation therapy is useful to troubled teen boys  for many reasons, from boosting self-esteem to expanding their horizons about what they can accomplish. Plus, it’s fun!
  • Life skills classes help teen boys transition from dependence to independence as they learn everything from finances to cooking to problem solving.

With a focus on long-term success, Sundance Canyon Academy successfully incorporates these components to create a solution to the issues that troubled teen boys have. Even if teen boys from Minnesota have failed out of other programs, they can find what they need at Sundance Canyon Academy. At the facility, they will develop healthy coping skills, address behavior issues and keep up in school, which all leads to a brighter future.

Parents who have troubled teens in Minnesota should look outside the state to Sundance Canyon Academy. Free consultations are available when parents call 1-801-675-8101.