Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys In Massachusetts

There are parents that are worried about the extreme behavior they are seeing from their son. If this is you, you may need to consider an intensive therapeutic solution. Let us aid you in your search to find the best care and guidance for your troubled child. Sundance Canyon Academy, a therapeutic boarding school, has been helping struggling boys from Massachusetts turn their lives around for many years through a unique and proven therapeutic program. Our location in the heart of the Rocky Mountains makes us an ideal location for a healthy environment and gives us access to a variety of outdoor adventure activities that are such an effective part of a healthy and well-rounded curriculum for troubled teen boys. Our primary goal is to help each of our students overcome his individual challenges through personal introspection and encourage change that leads to a process of healing from the inside out.

For answers about therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Massachusetts and the benefits Sundance Canyon Academy can offer your son, please contact us soon at 866-678-2425 for a consultation. Our supportive and experienced staff members can help you find a great solution for your family.

Why Choose Sundance Canyon Academy?

At Sundance Canyon Academy, our staff provides a program that is unique in several ways. Instead of encouraging our students to simply learn to manage their actions through behavioral management therapy techniques, we motivate the boys to explore and identify the source of their issues so they can fix the problem at the foundation. Our strength based therapy curriculum puts the impetus for change in each boy’s hands while they are guided and supported by our caring and experienced counselors and therapists. We are dedicated to creating a plan of care that is individualized for each boy and his needs.

The Benefits Our Therapeutic Boarding School Can Offer Boys From Massachusetts

It is important for you to consider the advantages each potential facility offers to best determine whether it is a good match for your family. We have spent many years developing a program that is balanced enough to help troubled boys overcome their issues, while preparing them with the skills they need to meet challenges in the future. Some of the factors that set us apart are:

  • Relationship Based Therapy – Our holistic therapy approach includes a variety of opportunities in addition to the more traditional group, family and individual therapy sessions. Experiences like recreation, culinary, music and life skills allow boys to explore their creativity, develop new confidence and heal in a hands-on way.
  • Academics – Each student is able to partake in a nationally accredited academic program run by licensed instructors that are trained to deal with troubled teens and help them move forward with their educational goals at a more effective pace.
  • Parental Involvement – Unlike many other programs, we strongly encourage parent participation on a regular basis. We believe that when the family is involved in a teen’s healing process, they will be a more effective support system for him when he returns home and needs to maintain his hard work.
  • Balance – We believe that learning to balance is a crucial element to a healthy life. Our program is designed to help each student learn how to devote due time to different activities and learn how to implement those skills into his day to day life. From academics and therapy to service projects and recreational activities, he will develop a sense of satisfaction and confidence when he learns to self-drive a balanced daily schedule.

Common Issues Faced By Troubled Boys Needing Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Massachusetts

Adolescents today face more temptations than in the past and the consequences for things like crime, depression and substance abuse can lead to potentially permanent consequences. Some of the main statistics for teens in Massachusetts are:

  • 5.1 percent of teens in Massachusetts experiment with drugs every month.
  • 13.1- 20.2 percent of teens consume alcohol
  • Teen suicide in Massachusetts is 43rd in the US.
  • Pregnancy rates for girls 15-19 are nearing 29 percent.
  • 9.8 percent of children in Massachusetts between 4-17 are diagnosed with ADHD every year.
  • In 2008, the U.S. Department of Justice reported a total of 2,269  juvenile arrests for violent crime, drug abuse and property crime.
  • 83 percent of Colorado students finish high school.

At Sundance Canyon Academy, our staff understands that decisions made and behaviors practiced during the adolescent years can lead to disruption in healthy development. Getting your troubled boy the help he needs before it is too late can change the course of his future. We know that it’s possible for every teen to make positive changes and becoming healthy and happy as long as he receives the right kind of intervention. Our facility is an ideal location for troubled boys because they are completely removed from the distractions and triggers they are subject to in their day to day life and are immersed in a safe and therapeutic environment where they can become receptive to the changes they need to make.

Sundance Canyon Academy May Be More Effective Than The Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys In Massachusetts

We want you to have confidence in the program you choose for your son. While the therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Massachusetts would keep your son nearby, we encourage you to place the highest priorities on safety and experience to make sure your son has the best experience possible. Our Utah location means that we are subject to the strictest and most comprehensive laws for teen help programs in the nation. We strive to offer the best care for our students and peace of mind for their parents. For questions about our program or a consultation, please contact us at (866) 678-2425.