Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys In Maryland

If you are a parent that is concerned about your teenage son’s behavior and don’t know where else to turn, we can help you. Sundance Canyon Academy is a therapeutic boarding school that specializes in helping troubled boys from Maryland and throughout the country learn how to manage their behavior and make better choices through proven and supportive therapy methods. We offer a program that is unique, effective and designed to provide the combination of care that is essential to the way that teenage boys learn and develop. If you are looking for a place where your son can gain the tools he needs for an emotionally successful future, Sundance Canyon Academy is that place.  

For more information about therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Maryland and the ways that we can help your son turn his life around for good, please contact us at (866) 678-2425 for a consultation with our caring and knowledgeable staff.

Why Sundance Canyon Academy?

We have many years of experience treating and helping teen boys with a variety of issues from depression, anger and defiance to substance abuse and mental disorders. Our program is carefully crafted to meet the needs of troubled teens and help them heal in the most effective way possible. While many facilities use behavior modification techniques to help their students change and control their reactions, we feel that it is more effective to help boys explore the root of their issues in order to heal on the deepest level rather than simply focusing on the symptoms of the problem. Through a consistent and supportive daily curriculum, boys are guided by experienced counselors and therapists toward learning how to be the agents of their own change and develop skills that will help them cope with daily challenges in a healthy way.   

How Our Therapeutic Boarding School For Boys Can Help Your Maryland Teen

Full time teen help facilities are a valuable way for parents to help their teens overcome the issues that they can’t seem to manage at home. One of things that makes such locations so effective is because they are able to remove a teen from the temptations and distractions they deal with in the home environment, which allows them to be more receptive to the support of staff members and the changes they need to make. Some of the other factors that set us apart from other facilities are:

  • A relationship based therapy program that encourages students to identify the root of their issues in order to heal from the inside out. Most facilities use behavior modification therapy techniques which only work on the symptoms of the problem.         
  • Our nationally accredited academic program is managed and instructed by licensed teachers that help each boy move forward at his own pace.    
  • Our therapy curriculum includes a wide variety of modalities in order to reach each teen on a personal level. In addition to the usual group, individual and family sessions, we also offer recreation, music and other experiential opportunities to ensure a well-rounded experience.
  • New and unique surroundings where teens can break free of the old triggers and temptations they associate with home. Each boy is supported by peers and counselors that understand their needs
  • Full time facilities offer respite for tired parents while their son is supported in an environment designed to help him learn to deal with his challenges more effectively.       
  • Because each state has different laws governing their teen help programs, many parents are unable to find the safety and quality they want near home. Utah is currently a popular destination for troubled teens because it has the most comprehensive laws in the nation.           

Common Issues Faced By Maryland Teens

Challenges that teens must face today put them at risk of dealing with mature consequences for the rest of their lives. Many issues cannot be successfully managed without professional help once they are in over their heads.

Some of the statistics for teens in Maryland include:

  • A 2008 report from the U.S. Department of Justice states that in that year, there were 608 juvenile arrests for violent crime, 2,037 for property crime, 1,272 arrests for drug abuse and 226 weapons violations.
  • Up to 37 percent of Maryland teens use marijuana.
  • 23 percent of teens report regular alcohol abuse, with 18 percent engaging in binge drinking.
  • Maryland ranks 42nd in the nation for teen suicide.
  • Teen pregnancy in Maryland is 39 percent.
  • 11.9 percent of children in the state are diagnosed with ADHD every year.
  • Maryland’s high school graduation rate is 83 percent.

At Sundance Canyon Academy, we are fully equipped to help troubled teen boys with almost any type of challenge and we have the experience to back up our confidence. Our primary goal is to help your son discover his potential and return home as the happy and healthy young man you know he can be. If your efforts to help your son are no longer producing results, we invite you to talk with us and discover a more effective way to help him thrive.

Why Might An Out Of State Option Be Better For Your Son Than A Therapeutic Boarding School For Boys In Maryland?

Sundance Canyon Academy is an ideal place to get your son care that is effective and long lasting. While the therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Maryland are an ideal option because it is close to home, we urge you to consider that experience and safety are the highest priorities when it comes to truly helping your troubled teen. Our Utah location means that your son will receive some of the highest quality care in the nation. In addition, experts in adolescent behavior suggest that entirely new surroundings might be helpful for your son to start over with a clean slate and reinvent himself.  

We are anxious to help your family heal and find peace and harmony. Every troubled boy is capable of overcoming his challenges as long as he has the right support and we are confident that we can help get him there. Contact us today at (866) 678-2425 to get started.  

We Currently Serve All Cities Throughout The State Of Maryland, Including:

Baltimore, Frederick, Bowie, Hagerstown, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Annapolis, College Park, Laurel, Greenbelt, Salisbury, Cumberland, Westminster, Takoma, Easton, Hyattsville, Elkton, and Aberdeen.