Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys In Georgia

The adolescent years are often difficult for both parents and teens. While certain concerns like substance abuse, defiance, depression and social experimentation are common, teens that exhibit severe behavioral issues put their long term development at risk. If your son is particularly troubled, you may need to consider more concentrated intervention, like a full time facility, to help him turn his life around. While the therapeutic boarding schools in Georgia are a good place to begin researching, there are also a variety of options available further from home that might be a healthier fit. Among the advantages of sending your son to a program out of state are:       

  • New and unique surroundings where struggling boys can be free of daily distractions and temptations while they work on gaining positive skills.       
  • Families can get some distance while they regroup and focus on their individual issues and communication style. With the help of experienced therapists, each group is guided toward building a stronger foundation for an improved relationship and more effective problem solving.          
  • Full time therapeutic boarding schools offer relief for parents who can relax, knowing their son is safely and expertly supported in surroundings aimed to help him improve his life.    
  • Because every state has different regulations governing the accreditation and safety of their teen help programs, many parents look out of state in order to find a program with high care standards. We abide by the most complete laws in the country for such facilities.         

Your Son Can Turn His Life Around

Sundance Canyon Academy has been an effective location for troubled teen boys throughout the country for many years. Unlike the troubled boys schools in Georgia, we offer a uniquely created program that offers longer lasting results and more permanent change. Some of the advantages we offer are:     

  • A strength based therapeutic curriculum that allows students to identify the core of their behavioral issues and target it on the deepest level for positive changes from the inside out. Many programs only use behavior modification therapy, which only addresses the signs of an issue.      
  • We offer a nationally accredited academic program that helps boy stay in line with their educational goals. Licensed instructors help each student move forward at his own pace.  
  • Our curriculum includes music, recreation and hands on options in addition to the usual therapy sessions. We also include life skills to ensure that each student receives an inclusive experience.  
  • Our successful Aftercare program offers support to families as they navigate returning home and re-entry back into day to day life. We have found that his helps our students preserve their hard work.  

We Are Here To Offer You Peace Of Mind

We want you to be confident that the program you choose is the best one to meet your troubled teen’s needs. While the therapeutic boarding schools for boys in Georgia will keep your son close by, we urge you to place the highest priority on making sure that the facility you decide on is a good fit for your son and offers you peace of mind.  


For information about our program or a consultation, please contact us at (888) 678-2425.