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​The Focus On Nutrition At Our Therapeutic Boarding School For Troubled Teens

We all know that the obesity epidemic has gotten increasingly out of hand in recent decades. You can watch the problem grow over time and the health consequences coming along with each new wave of statistics.

But there is more to it than obesity. Nutrition is an important part of education, as well. Studies have shown that eating the right foods increase your quality of educational recall and focus. In other words, eating better leads to better academic performance.

Our therapeutic boarding schools are dedicated to the health, wellness and success of every one of our students. That is why nutrition is one aspect of the experience that we take very seriously.

What Constitutes “Proper Nutrition”?

There is no singular way to eat and no “right foods” you have to adhere to. Instead, proper nutrition is about getting the right vitamins, minerals and macronutrients every day. This fuels the body and mind and keeps us functioning at our very best.

At our schools we create a menu that is rich in proteins, whole grains and healthy fats. We limit junk food to special occasions, though our teens are allowed items from home and frequently receive care packages. We try to work with parents to select snack options that are healthier and more conducive to the strains of a learning environment.

What Do You Feed Your Students?

Three meals a day plus two snacks are provided, unless a medical reason is specified. We have a very diverse menu that can be seen on request. We operate in similar ways to a regular school, with a staff that prepares meals for each student, which is then consumed in a cafeteria.

Allergies are always taken seriously. Be sure to let a staff member know if your child has an allergy, so it can be put in their file.

Students can get involved with culinary arts at several of our schools, learning to cook and run a kitchen.

What About Physical Activity?

Physical activity and nutrition are linked in many ways. We encourage activity and offer several options for your student to enjoy. Those include sports, gym workouts, nature walks and even equestria in some programs.

These physical classes will be a part of the overall experience, so you can be sure your child is getting the benefits of activity through the school year, just as they would in P.E.

Find out more at Sundance Canyon Academy.

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