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​The Benefits of Attending An All-boys or All-Girls Schools For Troubled Teens

What Parent Advocacy Groups Say about Troubled Youth Programs in Utah

Schools that are separated by gender might seem remarkably old fashioned to you in this day and age. It brings to mind old religious institutions that our grandparents may have attended. But they have their benefits, especially if your child has been having difficulty with mental illness or behavioral struggles.

An all girls or all boys boarding school gives your child the space and safety to connect with others of their age and gender who are struggling with the same issues that they are. While as an adult it might not seem as though someone’s gender matters, for teenagers it can mean the difference between feeling comfortable to share what is inside of them and keeping silent.

But what are these schools and how to they address troubled teens in an effective way?

What An All Girls or All Boys Therapeutic Boarding School Is

A therapeutic boarding school is an institution that is part residential treatment, part high quality academic foundation. It works by providing a measured and balanced approach between therapy and tutoring, working with teens to improve their performance in school, catch up with their peers, earn lacking credits and connect with the emotional struggles they have been failing to control.

Coping techniques, medication maintenance, group therapy, individual therapy, classes, tutoring and extracurricular activities are all provided through the tuition cost, offering an all encompassing approach to treating your troubled teen.

Being an single-gender program helps your teen to feel safe and connect with others within their direct peer group who are facing the unique struggles that can be impacted by gender. For instance, a teenage girl who has faces severe trauma may be more likely to also suffer from an eating disorder as a result. A teenage boy who has faced the same trauma may be more likely to struggle with physical aggression.

How Do I Enroll My Child In an All Girls or All Boys Boarding School?

First, you should find out which schools are certified and licensed by both therapeutic and educational boards across the country. From there, you can find the one that is located in the best area, provides the tuition payment options that work for your family and that seems to offer the help your teen needs on an individual basis.

From there, staff will be able to help you to enroll and prepare your student for the program. Keep in mind that the average stay at a therapeutic board school is between twelve and eighteen months.

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