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​Teens Learn How To Manage Mental Illness At A Therapeutic Boarding School

Resolving Issues With Your Depressive Teen When He Gives You The Silent Treatment

Boarding schools have a certain reputation, it seems. Many people think of the academic side as the primary focus, with better education opportunities thanks to the cost of attendance. But for those who are considering a therapeutic boarding school for their child, the motivations aren’t so simple.

What Makes a Therapeutic Boarding School Unique?

When your child attends a therapeutic boarding school, education is only part of the equation. Yes, they will get individualized attention from a full staff of teachers, tutors and administrators who are specially trained to address their unique academic struggles. This is excellent for students who have faced worsening grades or are behind their peers.

But the other side of the program is just as critical. A staff of licensed mental health professionals create a plan to help your child face and cope with their psychological and emotional needs, as well. Depression, aggression, personality disorders, learning disorders, trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders..they are ready and able to assist your teen in every way they need.

With this collaborative effort between educators and mental health professionals, your child can get the well rounded and thorough attention they need to make a full recovery and prepare for their future.

What Else Will My Child Gain In Such an Environment?

Beyond the above benefits, a therapeutic boarding school offers interaction with peers in their age group that face the same struggles. There are extracurricular activities to help engage them in their passions. All of this is in a secure environment where they can be monitored at all times, much like a residential treatment facility.

Having access to these resources give your teen the ability to learn new interests, try undiscovered activities, make friends and even develop a sense of empathy and perspective not offered as readily in traditional schools.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Therapeutic Boarding School?

  1. Cost and paying for tuition – Your chosen school will have advice and options for you, based on the needs of your family.

  2. Location – You may have to send your child out of state. Your chosen school will have policies on regular visitation, both in person, on the phone and via video calls.

  3. Accrediting – Make sure to select a school that is fully accredited and monitored by the US Board of Education and relevant state agencies.

  4. Other options – Of a therapeutic boarding school is not right for your child, other options do exist. Speak to a school facilitator for more information.

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