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Teenager help programs

Is there such thing as a Free Teenager help program? The only free teen boot camps we have found are state-funded, and typically can only be utilized if your teen is already in the juvenile system. State programs may appear to the most viable financially, but there are drawbacks to be considered with this option.

Parents looking for help with their troubled teenager often look for boot camps, military schools, wilderness programs etc… when looking for relief to a very stressful situation of a teenager out of control. Boot camps are mostly state supported facilities and for a teenager to be placed in a boot camp the teenager usually must already be part of the “system”. Private programs tend to be labeled as Residential treatment centers, behavioral boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, or some type of wilderness program. While wilderness programs are very strict and very structured, short term programs very seldom produce long term results. Some therapists say that 9 months is optimal, however it will take as long as it takes depending on the teenager.

The programs that we recommend are long term boarding school type placements. These type of placements offer the program, security, structure, and time that teens need to get themselves back on track. We are here to provide you with as much support as possible in making that decision. Fill out the Teen Assessment form and we will help you start the research process to find the best program for your teen.

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