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Teenage Substance Problems? Find Help at A Program for Out of Control Teens

Their Life and Health is at Risk

A parent’s first concern about a teen with substance abuse problems is that the teen’s life is in danger. Teens who take drugs risk dying from an accidental overdose. They could get in a car accident while driving under the influence, or become involved in the violence that goes along with associating with drug dealers or possibly gangs. Their health is also at risk. They could contract from AIDS or hepatitis, if they share needles or have unprotected sex. Drug use has an impact on a teen’s brain development and on their physical, emotional, and mental health.

Their Future Is in Jeopardy

Substance abuse can also impact a teen’s future and derail their career path. Teens often fail classes or are expelled from school for drug use or disruptive behavior. Teens may be arrested for drug possession or other crimes, such as stealing in order to get money for drugs. They will have a criminal record, which will impact their career options and opportunities for the rest of their lives.

Their Family is Affected

When a teen is using drugs, it also affects their entire family. Parents constantly worry about their child and what will become of them if they don’t stop using drugs. Family life is completely disrupted. Teens can become violent, belligerent, and out of control. Often the home is in constant turmoil as teens argue with their parents, destroy property, steal money, and refuse to follow rules. Other siblings live with anxiety and fear. Parents have to deal with fall out of a teen’s misbehavior by meeting with school administrators or police, paying for lawyers, going to court, and rushing to the hospital when their teens are injured or have overdosed.

If your teen has substance abuse problems, you have probably already encountered many of these issues. You have spent many sleepless nights worrying about your teen and what will happen to them. You’ve talked to your teen, taken them to therapy, and tired other kinds of interventions. Your teen needs help and you need hope that your child will heal and recover.

Help for Substance Abuse Problems

Residential treatment centers provide teens with a safe place to live, where they are monitored constantly to prevent their getting access to drugs or alcohol. Teens participate in individual therapy, as well as group and family therapy. Qualified and caring therapists help your teens to work through psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues, and address their dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Parents participate in family counseling with their teen during visits and with online sessions through a secure server. Follow-up therapy is provided online, once your teen returns home.

Residential treatment centers also offer an academic program so that teens can earn their high school diploma. Teens participate in sports and other physical activities, as well as social activities, so that teens can experience healthy ways to have fun that don’t involve substance use.

Intervention is Necessary

As a parent, it’s difficult to accept the idea of sending your child away to live somewhere else. But sometimes a drastic intervention is necessary to save your teen’s life. A residential treatment center can monitor your teen 24/7, and keep them from getting drugs or alcohol. Your teen will be in the care of qualified and experienced therapists who can help them overcome their substance abuse problems. Medical staff monitor their health, and teachers help them earn high school credits.

Your teen’s substance abuse problem is endangering their life and disrupting the lives of everyone in your family. Residential treatment center staff have the knowledge and experience in helping teens with addictions. They can work with your family to rebuild your relationship with your child, and reclaim a peaceful, loving home. Consider placing your teen into the care of professionals who can help them to heal and live long, healthy lives.

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