Sundance Canyon Academy – Northern Utah’s Residential Treatment Center

Although some amount of defiance and acting out is common for teen boys, some take it further than the normal boundaries and engage in self-destructive and damaging behaviors that inhibit healthy emotional growth and development. Many troubled teen boys are unable or unwilling to recognize that they need help, even if the situation seems obvious to those around him. Making changes can be almost impossible when they are surrounded by negative influences and routines that encourage poor decision making. In some cases, behavioral issues are a result of mental disorders that teens have not yet learned to manage. Although it is intimidating and emotional to contemplate removing your son from the home, placing him in a therapeutic environment may be just what he needs to move his life in a positive direction. Residential treatment centers are full time facilities that are designed for teen that have not responded to outpatient treatment options or disciplinary efforts from their parents.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a licensed, residential treatment program specializing in helping teen boys suffering from emotional and behavioral issues. Located in northern Utah, our unique program includes an educational and therapeutic approach in order to treat common issues like Substance Abuse, Defiance, Depression, Anxiety, Social/Self-Esteem issues and Developmental difficulties. Our approach is different than other schools because we do not employ traditional behavioral modification methods. Rather, we have implemented a successful holistic model that is designed to increase the recognition and resiliency of students by identifying and addressing the factors that lead to bad behavior and poor choices. Our primary goal is to focus on the root of the problem rather than the symptoms in order to heal from the inside out. Through empathy, attunement and active listening, we have crafted an environment that allows each teen to be the agent of his own change. In addition, we guide them toward acquiring the tools and skills they need for a lifetime of independence, self-respect and opportunity.

What We Provide


Our qualified staff and licensed professionals offer therapeutic intervention to each teen through Group, Individual and Family therapies. Our program employs a strength based approach to counseling, including:

  • Reality Therapy
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Multiple Intelligence Theory


Our nationally accredited academic courses and experiential education program can be used for education credits as well as certification skills.

Life Skills

We offer a Fine Arts program and recreational education in order to expand the learning environment of each student and promote relationship building and creativity. Some of these include:

  • Culinary Arts
  • Music
  • Outdoor Recreation


The final step of the program is Aftercare and it was created to help students maintain the changes they made at our facility. We have found that by assisting with the transition back to home, school and friends, teens are better equipped to master the last stages of functionality and health. Aftercare ensures both teens and parents have the proper structure and education at home for long term success as well as the support during the “honeymoon phase” and the “testing phase.”

Our Goal

At Sundance Canyon Academy, our primary goal is to coach troubled teens toward identifying their strengths and developing meaningful purpose in life. We understand that the adolescent years can be difficult and we endeavor provide an environment of hope and healing through the guidance of some of the most caring and qualified staff in the industry. We are confident that each young man is capable of making the positive changes in his life that he needs to become a caring and capable individual.

If you have questions about our program, or would like a consultation to discuss your son’s needs, contact us today at 866-678-2425.