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You have been fighting with your teenager almost constantly. They have been insolent, angry, and impossible to deal with. Worst, you suspected they were sneaking out at night and ended up being proven right by a late night stakeout. You can only begin to imagine what they are doing in the middle of the night, and where it is they have been going. They refuse to tell you, and you can find no evidence on their phone or computer.

What do you do? Who can you turn to? The last thing you want to do is discuss it with extended family or friends. Though you love them dearly, they can be intensely judgemental. Besides, you don’t want to exacerbate the problem by having your mother bring up the bad behavior at the next family gathering. The last thing you need is for your teen to have another reason to mistrust or fight with you.

The best thing you can do is find support from people who have been in your shoes. Luckily, there are plenty of parents out there who know what it is like to raise a teenager. They may even have some insight into what is going on, and whether you should be really worried. Not to mention help you figure out how to support your teen and manage their expectations.

Turning To Other Parents For Advice

Other parents, especially online, are by no means experts. They are fallible, untrained, and only able to help so much. If you suspect something especially dangerous is happening, such as substance abuse, severe depression, or some kind of violence, you need to turn to professionals for assistance right away.

But if you just need some advice, or if you could use somewhere to vent, these are great places to go.

  1. Circle Of Moms – A part of the Popsugar website, which is a health, fitness, lifestyle and beauty webzine aimed at women of all ages, Circle of Moms is a great place to go for off the cuff advice from women with children of all ages. They have communities, including an area for those with teens.

  2. Today – Want a place built on a name you already know and trust? The Today Show has a section on their website for parents looking to get and give advice, talk about parenting segments on the show, and just chat.

  3. Parenting – This is a searchable database of questions people have already asked, and had answered.

  4. Mothering – This is a very large forum, and as such can seem a bit intimidating. But it is full of understanding, kind and helpful mothers who are really supportive of one another.

  5. Syber Moms – Have a very specific category you want to engage in? Whether you need help with a special needs teen, or something personal like quitting smoking, it has sections for everything.

  6. Just Mommies – Probably the most inclusive parenting community for mothers on the web. It is massive.

  7. Natural Parenting – An Australian based website with a more holistic approach to parenting issues.

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