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Should I Call The Cops On My Own Kid?

If your teen son is out of control and disregards the rules in your house, you may need outside help to get the situation back under control. Sometimes this involves calling the cops, but you might not need such extreme measures. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we work with troubled teen boys to help them understand the importance of living within their boundaries. Contact us today for more information on our intervention techniques.

Raising a teenager can be extremely frustrating. They might push your boundaries, break the rules, act selfishly, and be moody. It can be tough to know where to draw the line with your teen’s behavior. There’s rarely a clear answer for whether or not you should call the cops on your kid.

However, there are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding if calling the cops on your troubled teen son is the right thing to do or not.

Questions to ask yourself before calling the cops on your troubled teen

Will juvenile detention time correct their behavior?

Many teens with wild behavior will benefit from attending a boarding school for troubled boys rather than spending time in a juvenile detention center. Juvenile detention only serves to remove your teen from society so that they can’t be a danger to anyone else. It is strictly a punishment to prevent people from committing more crimes. While attending a therapeutic boarding school, students receive therapy and life skills training that can teach them to control their behavior.

It’s important to think through your long-term goals for your troubled teen’s behavior before getting caught up in the moment. If your son is a danger to others, you may need to call the cops. Neither you nor anyone else in your home should be afraid of your teen. If he isn’t posing a threat, though, you might not need police intervention. Think through every aspect of the situation before making that call.

Am I just trying to scare him?

If you call the cops just to scare your troubled teen into behaving correctly, your plan could backfire.

If your son’s behavior isn’t illegal, the cops won’t do anything. Police don’t intervene for annoying or disrespectful behavior, only for unlawful behavior. If you call the police, but they don’t do anything, that’s not scary. Not only will your son not be scared, but they will likely lose some respect for you as well.

If your troubled teen is actually going to get in trouble for their behavior but then come right back home (or not get arrested), they will likely be a little scared at first. Getting in trouble with the police can be pretty scary! If that trouble doesn’t last, though, the fear won’t last. Knowing that it’s easy to get out of trouble can make them more confident in their behavior.

Am I ready for the results of this call?

Once you call the cops on your son, the outcome of that call isn’t up to you. The police will intervene in whatever way they feel is necessary. Your kid might spend time in juvenile detention. They might go to court and get sentenced. You might have to pay court costs. Your relationship with your son might suffer.

There can be serious long-term consequences for both you and your teen if they are arrested. So, calling the cops on your son should not be taken lightly. Before making that call, make sure that you are prepared for all of the possible consequences.

Alternate Solutions

If your son’s behavior is out of control, but you’re not sure that calling the cops is the right solution, there are other things that you can try.

  1. Find a support group. It can be helpful to find other parents who have dealt with similar situations. They can offer new ideas for discipline techniques or ways to redirect your troubled teen’s behavior.

  2. Seek professional help. If your teen’s behavior is unacceptable and worried about where it may lead, consider seeking professional help. Many teens benefit from attending regular therapy sessions to help them address the root of their issues. Outrageous behavior often stems from various psychological health issues.

If your son’s behavior is out of hand, but you feel that he could benefit more from a therapeutic environment than from jail time, contact us today.

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