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Schools For Troubled Teens Are Prepared To Handle Extreme Teens


When other people or you start referring to your troubled teen’s behavior as ‘extreme’ it is time to do something. However, as a parent you worry your son’s behavior is too much. You worry no one will be able to handle him. Worry is normal for a parent just in the same way extreme behavior is normal for schools for troubled teens. As a parent take comfort in knowing there is help out there for your troubled teen.

Treatment Exists Because Bad Behavior Exists

No matter the school’s focus, philosophy, or location, troubled teen schools exists because troubled teens exist. Every decision a troubled teen school makes is to help troubled teens remedy their self-destructive behavior. One of the interesting things is many troubled teens think their issues are so difficult no one will understand them. However, the truth is troubled teen behavior is actually fairly predictable in that troubled teens deal with similar issues. Fortunately for the counselors, therapists, teachers, and additional staff of troubled teen schools it makes their job somewhat predictable too. Not to make light of your own teen’s specific issues but troubled teen schools have already experienced what he is going through. They have built a program based on functional, therapeutic knowledge to help your son through whatever he is facing. They also understand your worries as parents so rest assured this is what they do. As difficult as it feels at home, in their specialized setting it is another day at the office.

The Brain And Behavior

In case you need evidence, troubled teen behaviors can almost be predicted because the teenage brain is still growing. The brain of your son is literally incapable of coping. What feels hard to him and you, is actually so normal it can be studied. Your troubled teen is likely troubled because his brain has not matured enough to make decisions which result in good behavior. For the teens who exhibit extreme behavior, it is not so much a blatant disregard for your rules as it is their brain simply has not grown enough to execute right choices. Interestingly enough, this biological delay is part of what makes placing your son in a residential treatment facility so beneficial. Troubled teen schools create a regimented environment and it is that very structure which helps the brain learn how to make better decisions. In the strict environment, choice and consequence are much clearer than in the real world so the brain can ‘see’ right from wrong.

Parents, troubled teen schools absolutely understand what you and your teen are going through. It is their job. Just in the way a dentist deals with teeth, a troubled teen school deals with extreme teens. You would not go to a cardiologist for a toothache. Sending your troubled teen to a troubled teen school is matching the problem with the solution.

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