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SCA Therapeutic Boarding School Alumni News

Hi there!

Today is Grant’s first day of school, so I was sitting at my desk at work thinking about our journey and how we have been led to this moment…

Only a little over a year ago, we felt hopeless and scared. After making the most difficult decision of our lives, our Grant has emerged from 11 months with you guys a renewed young man.

I have said it many times, but don’t think I could ever express our gratitude to you. With your wise guidance and Grant’s very hard work, our family has come out on the other side of hopelessness and fear.

The past few months have been amazing. I know that we will see challenges, but feel so much more capable and secure in our ability to handle whatever comes our way. There have been so many times in our journey with Grant that I have looked at friends with their children and watched how they truly enjoyed them. Because of our struggles, I had not had that feeling in a very long time. We are now thrilled to be together and are truly enjoying Grant – and all of his wonder.

So, on this first day of Grant’s sophomore year, I say thank you – thank you for showing our family how to be the family that we always dreamt of… We are so grateful to you.

Love to all – Tricia D. TEXAS

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