Residential Treatment Centers in West Virginia

If your troubled teen hasn’t responded to any of your efforts to help him, it may be time to consider outside help. Although Residential Treatment Centers in West Virginia are most likely going to be your first choice, keep in mind that there are a variety of out of state facilities that may offer greater advantages. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • An opportunity for your troubled teen to start over in new and challenging surroundings. He can leave behind the burden of old temptations and negative associations while he works to make positive changes.
  • Parents and their teen get some much needed time apart in order to reassess themselves and determine what individual challenges they need to work on. When properly supervised, temporary distance can be a great way to re-create the relationship foundation.
  • Full time programs offer respite for parents while their son is safe and secure in some of the most experienced hands in the teen help field.

Sundance Canyon Academy, located in northern Utah, has helped more troubled teen boys than the Residential Treatment Centers in West Virginia for many years. We offer a variety of unique benefits that make our facility a particularly ideal place for boys with behavioral issues to heal. For instance:

  • Our holistic, relationship based approach to therapy encourages teen boys to identify the root of their issues and deal with them, rather than simply learn to manage the symptoms as many behavioral modification programs do.
  • We offer a wide variety of therapy modalities such as group, individual and family as well as others like recreational and music therapies. When combined with life skills opportunities, each boy is able to get a plan of care that is specific to him.
  • Our excellent academic program is fully accredited and led by qualified teachers.
  • We are a 16 bed facility in order to make sure that the student to counselor ratio is low. We believe that more one-on-one interaction is beneficial to the healing process.
  • Our Aftercare program supports both teens and their parents as they make the transition home into day to day life. This part of the program is important for helping students maintain their hard work.
  • We are located in Utah, which has the most teen help facilities in the nation because the state laws regarding them are so comprehensive. Parents throughout the country are anxious to place their teens here in order to ensure the best care possible.

We understand that choosing the best facility is an intimidating prospect. We are dedicated to helping you find the solution that fits your teen’s needs and gives you peace of mind. While the location of a Residential Treatment Centers in West Virginia seems ideal, remember that making sure your son is in the most experienced and capable hands is even more important. Please contact us at 866-678-2425 for any questions about our program or a consultation about your son. We are confident that we can help you.