Residential Treatment Centers in Utah for Troubled Teenage Boys

Raising a teen with severe behavioral issues can be emotionally and mentally draining. If you have made the decision to seek help for him at a full time therapeutic facility, it can then be intimidating to select the one that is likely to help him most. While many parents exclusively research facilities that are close to them, their son may actually be better off in an out of state program. Residential treatment centers in Utah for troubled teenage boys are an ideal destination for many reasons. r s your sonSome of these include:

  • A unique and challenging environment, where teens are able to free themselves of the burden of old triggers, bad habits and negative stigmas. Each boy has the opportunity to start over with a clean slate in a supportive environment.
  • Utah teen help programs are regulated by some of the most comprehensive safety and accreditation laws in the country. Parents throughout the U.S. rely on Utah facilities to help their teens heal in the safest, most secure surroundings possible.
  • Parents and teens have the opportunity to spend some time apart in order to emotionally regroup and independently work on their own issues. This distance allows each party to lay new groundwork for better communication and a more positive relationship.
  • Full time therapy programs provide much needed respite for parents who need a break from the constant discipline and power struggles that come with raising a troubled teen boy. They can rest easy, knowing that their son is safe in a supportive environment designed to help him gain the skills he needs to repair relationships and make better choices.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center in Utah for troubled teenage boys. We are dedicated to helping families heal by teaching their troubled sons to identify their core issues and deal with them in a healthy way. Our unique program employs a relationship based method, rather than behavior modification in order to encourage positive changes from the inside out, rather than simply treating the symptoms. This therapeutic approach helps teens recognize their strengths, while effectively managing their weaknesses. We have found that this helps produce more long lasting results and a more successful family relationship.

We know that this process is one of the last options in a difficult and emotional journey with your troubled child and we want you to know that we are here to help you navigate the process. We encourage you to consider that the location of potential programs is not as important as finding one that will be a good fit for your son’s needs.

Our goal is the same as yours; we want to help your son discover the caring, responsible and competent young man that you know is in him. For more information about our program, or questions about enrollment, please contact is at 866-678-2425 for a free consultation. We have years of experience helping families looking for residential treatment centers in Utah find the best fit for their son. We are confident that we can help you as well.